Coconut Oil for your Baby, Must READ !!


Coconut has scientifically proven benefits for all ages, it can be helpful from fighting flu end bacteria

coconut oil for baby
, improve cholesterol levels, can boost brain function in Alzheimer patients and a lot more.

Coconut can be extremely helpful for babies too. It has vast variety of uses in baby’s health also. Babies benefit mostly from coconut oil and it is used primarily externally with application to the skin depending on the usage the oil is different in composition.

From coconut oil you can make, nappy rash cream, lotion, baby wash, you can make cream for cradle cap , pain relief gel and more. So the question is , is it safe to use this on my baby, all of mothers will ask the same question , there are a lot of info’s on the internet on this subject but where to start and is it safe. Yes it is safe and start any ware where you will find using only homemade oil and other natural herbal ingredients, like mint or camellia or for start you can just make basic coconut oil only enriched with vitamin D and apply it to the skin like lotion. ( as a bonus this lotion can be used and is very helpful for cracked or bleeding nipples while breastfeeding).

Here are some recipes so you can make your own creams oils and gels from coconut.

Diaper rash / nappy rash cream

The coconut oil is very effective as a nappy rash cream because it has very well anti fungal properties, the next thing that you need is ingredient with good anti bacterial properties witch in our case is chamomile so by mixing them together you get the best nappy rash cream.

Bleeding nipples / breastfeeding

Painful and bleeding nipples or cracked while breastfeeding is not normal and should be checked from your doctor , but if you do have it applying only coconut oil after breastfeeding acts as a pain relief and smoothens the skin also it is ok if the baby wants to breastfeed right away after application of the coconut oil.

Cradle cap treatment with coconut oil

Cradle cap is type of dermatitis to the skin of the head, it looks like skin rush and crusty skin of the scalp. The cradle cap is not from poor higyen or allergy or bacterial infection and it is not contagious. It is inflammatory condition to the scalp and it will be over after max one year. All you need to do is to massage the coconut oil to the babies scalp and leave it around 20 minutes and just wash off with lukewarm water. Do this 3 times a day and the cradle cap will fall of in about a week

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