Father Warns: How Dangerous Can RSV Be For Babies!


We all know how to fight flu and cold, but the thing is to realize that coldness and being exposed to cold is not always the reason. That is what one father managed to realize and shared his experience with people on website Imgur.

One year ago, he introduced his daughter to the public and her battle against the mysterious illness she was fighting against. The doctors were trying to save her and put her to a ventilator. Eventually they managed to give diagnosis, and it was something that many parents have no idea of. That is why his post became really popular, he is trying to warn mommies and daddies around the world.

As he stated, the girl was taken to hospital, not breathing and without her heart working but luckily was revived by the doctors and diagnosed with respiratory syncytial virus, something he previously had no idea what it is.

But that wasn’t all. She was also struggling against pneumonia, bronchitis, flu-type H, and her lung not working properly.

What the father mostly warns everybody about, is the fact how people handle their babies. Hygiene is crucial, no matter how simple it sounds. Even if your hands are not clean. And yes, they could contribute for the death of the baby. RSV and colds are not the same thing. Cold temperatures are not the reason for RSV, but touch, sneezing and coughing.

Luckily, after battling for some time, the baby girl survived, but he still recommends everyone who is a parent to be more careful with their children, and share his experience so the awareness remains high.

Source: littlethings.com

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