All Parents Should Watch This: Hospital Demonstrates How To Save A Choking Baby In Just Seconds! VIDEO


St. John Ambulance, an organization dedicated to teaching medical first aid, posted a video on their YouTube page back in January that is a must-watch for every parent. According to them, 40% of parents have experienced their own baby choke, yet over 80% of these parents had no idea what to do in such a circumstance. This is a worrying statistic, specifically when you consider that approximately 34 children are treated for choking on food every day.

In order to fight this shocking issue, St. John Ambulance created an animated video that will show you an easy way to save a choking child. In this heartwarming video, four characters– a pen lid, marble, jelly baby, and princess– work together, in a fun-filled manner, to show you the proper technique.

All of us know that babies and infants will put anything and everything into their mouth, so this video is exceptionally resourceful for those with little children.
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