Amazing Natural Solutions That Can Whiten Your Teeth Fast!


From non-prescription strips to professional treatments at a dentist’s office, the choices for achieving bright pearly whites are endless. Unfortunately, every treatment has its pros and cons. Some aren’t able to whiten every tooth, while others could lead to tooth level of sensitivity.

However, if you’re searching for a gentler way to achieve a bright smile– even on the those hard to reach molars– you remain in luck. Thanks to nature there are too organic methods to protect your smile and reveal a natural whiteness without the harsh items.

Numerous foods like raw veggies and fresh fruits contain key ingredients that shield teeth from decay and battle hard-to-remove plaque. Do not believe us? Try them on your own. We’ve gathered our favorite foods below to help you achieve a brighter smile with every bite.


Instead of steaming, eat the crispy florets of this green veggie raw. The dietary veggie can serve as a natural toothbrush that can clean teeth as you chew away. Plus, the high levels of iron can coat the enamel to help ward off stains, harmful bacteria, and acid erosion.


Do not throw away the peel. Contrary to common belief, orange peels are not acidic like other citrus counterparts. The skin of the fruit contains variants of vitamin C, which can be a substitute for harsh teeth whiteners. Completely clean off the peel, then rub the inner, white portion across the surface of the enamel to remove tartar buildup and reduce plaque.


A paste made from strawberries and baking soda has been known for years to reveal a naturally whiter smile. The malic acid in the bright fruit acts as a whitener from mother nature, but brushing afterwards is a must since the berry also contains sugars.


This crunchy vegetable has an abrasive surface that stains do not stand a chance next to. Besides just snacking on a raw carrot, try rubbing the bright roots against your teeth for a fast smooth polish.


Lactic acids in cheeses will help protect teeth against future decay. Cut a difficult piece like aged gouda. The tough surfaces can also nix stains that are caused by the accumulation of food particles.

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