Coconut oil And Baking Soda For A Complete Face Cleaning Like You Never Had Before!


The skin on your face can be one of the hardest areas to handle, hence why there is a lot of different products on the market targeting this part of the body.

But unfortunately, if you walk down any ‘skincare’ isle in the supermarket or health and beauty shop, 99 times out of 100 the products that you are faced with are loaded with harsh chemicals, the exact opposite of what you really want to be putting on your skin.

The skin on the face is so delicate, and changeable and can change in women at different times of the month, and undoubtedly is dictated by the weather condition.

We think that natural is best for caring for the skin on your face, and the following recipe using only two natural ingredients will leave your face feeling fresh and properly cleaned, as it should do, not bogged down with chemicals.

The two ingredients in the mix are both terrific for face skin, both are gentle enough to look after your skin, but potent with healing properties enough to treat skin issues.

Coconut oil is used for its terrific effect on the skin. Coconut oil has lots of benefits for using both on the skin, and for looking after your body, too. It is one of Nature’s most effective moisturizers, the unique medium-chain fats found in coconut oil are not found in any other product naturally.

The baking soda that is used with the coconut oil in this solution is the best natural way to clean your face deep down. The little exfoliating particles found within baking soda do naturally what microbeads, the plastic invention in many face scrubs are designed to do.

But instead of being made up of plastic, the tiny particles found in baking soda exfoliate and naturally soothe your skin, making it feel 100% clean and not irritated.


For sensitive skin: Utilize a ratio of oil and bicarbonate to 2: 1 respectively.

For a much deeper clean: Use a ratio of ingredients 1:1.


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