Drink This After Every Meal – You Will Lose Weight Extremely Fast!


Grapefruit is known to be an amazing antioxidant and also it has strong anti-bacterial properties. It’s abundant in vitamin C, contain vitamins A, B, D, E, and calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper and iron.

Having extra weight is a problem which many of us are facing and try to find a solution for it without much success. While searching for options and possible solution for extra weight, we stumbled upon this weight loss recipe that claims to shrink waistline in just 14 days.  The weight loss drink recipe has the ingredients which are easily available, so it is not a problem to make it and drink it for two weeks.

The recipe has grapefruit and honey which all have proven properties to help lose body fat. By eating good healthy clean food, exercising and drinking this weight loss drink is the best solution to shed extra pounds on fat around your waist.

The Magical drink of health and beauty


  • One large ripe grapefruit
  • One tablespoon of honey

Cut the grapefruit in half, it’s more effective to be cold (from the refrigerator), and remove the pulp with a spoon. Put the pulp of grapefruit and honey in a mixer and mix until the mixture becomes smooth.

This magical drink contains beneficial elements like:

Pectin, which contributes to efficient excretion of excess cholesterol (if you consume grapefruit every it day reduces bad cholesterol by 15.5 percent and triglycerides by 27 percent), it also reduces the level of insulin in the blood and stabilizes the metabolism.

Lycopene, which helps in battling toxins and harmful substances in the body.

A few sips of this drink, after lunch (wait 20 minutes after eating), is able to burn nearly half the calories gained during the meal.

The magic beverage has healing impacts on high blood pressure and heart diseases.

In addition, grapefruit contains a number of ingredients that help us battle cold and it is proven that prevents certain types of cancer and heart diseases.

Source: organicplanner.com

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