Here’s How To Balance Your Hormones And Quickly Lose Weight!


A lot of people struggle to lose some weight. There are a lot of powders, pills, drinks and diets on the market that guarantee quick weight loss, which makes the decision even harder because not all of them are very efficient.

Dr. Sara Gottfried, a qualified MD from Harvard and a best-selling author, says that we should start from the hormones. She says that the balance of hormones is crucial for our overall health, including weight loss.

She has a course called ‘How to Balance Your Hormones for Glowing Skin, Deeper Sleep, and Better Digestion’ and in it she explains the development and consequences of excess weight. She says that excess weight causes oxidative stress and inflammation in the body which boosts the storage of fat. And this triggers a hormonal imbalance. That is why if you want to lose some weight, first you need to reverse the hormonal misfires, which will lower the process of fat storage and will also lower the yearnings for food.

Dr. Sara Gottfried also explains there are different kinds of calories – some that are stored in the belly fat and some that can actually burn the fat and keep the muscles. That is why she recommends the best 10 strategies that will help you remove excess weight, and they mostly consist of food.

If you want to remove the fat around your belly, you need to re-set the stomach fat hormones: insulin, leptin, adiponectin, cortisol and growth hormone.

Here are the 10 strategies that she recommends:

1. Consume more purslane
This plant is rich in Omega 3 and melatonin. It will improve the connections in the brain and enhance the memory as well as the learning skills.
It is considered that high amounts of omega 3 fatty acids reverse the negative changes to belly fat which are actually produced by fructose. That is why Dr. Gottfried recommends you to add purslane in your salad.

2. Practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
HIIT can decrease the fat in your body because it contains high-intensity exercises that last from 30 to 75 seconds, combined with lower intensity exercises for 2 or 3-minute in-between. And this high intensity exercises are even more efficient than cardio exercises when it comes to losing weight.

3. Eat more protein
If you eat too much carbs and not enough proteins, then you are going to gain some weight. That is why you need to consume more beans, lentils, wild-caught salmon or organic grass-fed beef which contain anti-inflammatory proteins and will make you feel full.

4. Stop drinking alcohol
The calories that alcohol (and soda) contain, store around your tummy which means that if you really want to lose some weight, you should seriously stop drinking alcohol.

5. Consume gluten-free foods
One of the most common food intolerance is gluten. Food intolerance usually raise the stress hormones, such as cortisol which is why a lot of experts recommend consuming gluten-free foods. They will also decrease inflammation, insulin resistance and obesity.

6. Manage stress levels
A lot of stress can also increase your weight because it increases the levels of cortisol. It can also lead to storage of fat and muscle breakdown. You can try to manage the stress levels by practicing yoga, meditation or maybe taking a bath with some essential oils.

7. Limit the consumption of fructose
Did you know that fructose is the most metabolically hurtful sugar? It actually doesn’t inform your brain that you are full and you still continue to consume it.

Fructose goes directly to the liver and creates fats that trigger insulin and leptin resistance, stressed liver as well as body fat.

8. Get more sleep
We need at least 7 or 8 hours uninterrupted sleep in order to burn fats.

9. Raise the levels of adiponectin
Adiponectin actually works between the brain and the fat cells and if its levels are low, the body starts to store fats. If your blood has more adiponectin, your body will burn more fats.
You should consume more pistachios and pumpkin seeds in order to increase the levels of adiponectin – at least 35 grams per day.

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