Here’s How To Put On Your Make-Up Like A Professional Make-Up Artist!


A lot of people need only 10 minutes to put their make up on and get ready for going out, and when they do, they look like they have spent a lot of hours doing that. We all need some time to get ready for going out, but these people have actually found the right techniques for their make-up and don’t spend hours in front of the mirror.

Here are some advices which will save you time and help you put your make up on like a real professional:

1. Select the best powder

In order to choose the powder tone that suits your skin perfectly, always try the powder on your neck, not your hands.

2. Dull your eye-liner

Dull eye-liner will give you much sexier look because you won’t have a strict line around your eye.

3. Apply high-lighter or white shadow in the right places

You should always apply high-lighter in the inner corner of the eye and in the center of the eye-lid so that the eyes look wider. You should also apply high-lighter under the eyebrows in order for them to look elevated.

4. Apply mascara properly

You can make your lashes look bigger and thicker by applying the mascara with backward and forward movements with your applicator. After you apply mascara on the upper lashes, turn it vertically to apply it to the lower lashes.

5. Improve the use of the ink liner

The ink liner will not be so complicated if you apply a bandage or a strip of tape.

6. Shaping your eyebrows

In order to shape your eyebrows quickly and professionally all you need is an eye-liner. Just draw the bottom line of your eyebrows with the eyeliner and then use a brush to carefully spread it upward.

7. Cover the dark eye circles

You can cover your eye bags by using color correction. This means that you should apply a little red lipstic and a concealer on your eye bags in order to make them look smooth.

8. Correct lip-draw

In order to properly draw your lips, apply the lip-liner in the form of an “X” on the upper lip. You lips will look good and your lipstick will also last longer.

9. “Smoky look” in few seconds

In order to achieve smoky look in just a few seconds, all you need to do is draw the hashtag symbol on the outer part of the upper lid and then carefully spread it out.

10. Use the same makeup products on numerous locations

For example, you can use your favorite lip-liner as a blush. Just apply it on your cheek bones and carefully spread it out.


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