List Of 11 Natural Solutions To Help You Get Rid Of Cellulite!


Numerous women nowadays have a problem with the cellulite which is often referred to as ‘orange peel’ and ‘cottage cheese’ texture of the skin. Women usually lose their confidence about this and can’t relax during the summertime wearing shorts.

There are people who have cellulite because of genetics, but for others, it’s due to hormone problems. Some other causes are extended periods of standing or being in one place, poor diet, bad blood circulation and smoking.

Many surgeries along with chemical treatments can provide results, but they are really expensive, and they can also trigger lots of side-effects. Still, there are also various natural treatments you can use that can help you eliminate cellulite and enjoy your body.

Here, we present you 10 tips that can help you achieve that!

#1. Stay Hydrated

Our body needs a lot of water, we need to consume lots of water in order to be able to break down cellulite effectively. In this way, we’ll also eliminate the contaminants and undesirable fats from our organism. When we break down cellulite, any chemical contaminant that is stored there becomes released into our body. If we want to eliminate these toxic substances, we need to drink a lot of water.

#2. Dry Brush

Dry brushing is an incredible way to help us eliminate cellulite. It’s one of the most effective natural solutions. Some women have noticed positive effects in only 1 month. This technique opens your pores and removes dead skin. In this way, it gets rid of toxins and lets them get out freely. You’ll also promote the production of collagen and improve your circulation which will help you have a smoother and more stronger skin.

Here are some simple rules that you should follow:

  • Use natural semi-firm bristled brushes like for instance the ones from Sublime Charm.
  • Constantly brush towards the heart. If you brush on the stomach, brush counter-clockwise.
  • Your strokes need to be firm enough so that they might promote the skin, however make certain it’s not so hard so it wouldn’t trigger irritation.

#3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil improves your skin’s elasticity, reduces hunger, boosts your metabolism, etc. Hydrate your skin with it and improve its health. Add a number of tablespoons into your food to help you improve your health along with burn fat.

#4. Coffee Scrub

According to lots of ladies, a simple mixture of warm water and coffee grounds can do wonders for your skin. Use it like a scrub 2 times a week where you have cellulite. The first great results will appear just 4 weeks after using it regularly.

#5. Derma Roller

Using a derma roller by yourself can be painful, especially on some sensitive areas, but you can use another approach to stimulate the production of collagen in your dermis. Use a derma roller of high quality. Its needles won’t flex or break down, so it won’t damage your skin.

#6. Rosemary/Juniper Oil

Both oils are incredible for our circulation and can help our body get rid of contaminants from the muscle and fat tissue. You can prepare your own detoxifying moisturizer by combining 10 drops of juniper oil and 10 drops of rosemary oil along and with 100 ml of jojoba oil. Apply this every day after you’ve used your derma-roller or after a bath. It will improve and detoxify your skin. The first results will appear in only 1 week!

#7. Birch Oil

This kind of oil, especially the one by Weleda is also incredible. Use it after a bath or combined with derma-rolling.

#8. Rose Hip Seed Oil

This oil is abundant in fatty acids and vitamin A. It is considered to be a very effective moisturizer which helps you have a healthy and strong skin. Use it regularly after your derma roller and your skin will be more flexible, thicker and much healthier.

#9. Better Circulation

Having an ideal circulation will help you prevent and remove cellulite. Make sure you do not wear clothes that have tight elastic bands which may limit the blood circulation to your hips, thighs, and other areas that are prone to cellulite. In case you’ve experienced more soreness while you’re doing exercises, tight muscles may be restricting your blood flow. Try to perform more stretching exercises like Tai Chi or yoga to improve your blood circulation and loosen up cramped tissues.

#10. Self-Massage

Performing a self-massage every day is amazing against cellulite. Bit breaks up the toxins in the cellulite and stimulates your blood circulation. Massage yourself while you’re doing a warm bath several times weekly.

#11. Change Your Diet

It is also important to change your diet in order to fight cellulite. Consume less carbs or less complex sugars, but more fiber. Add more Omega-3 fats like avocado, almond and olive oil. Include more coconut oil and prevent trans-fats like margarine. Avoid the consumption of excessive salt and consume more fruits and vegetables with lots of water like cucumbers, dark leafy greens and melons that will detoxify your body and improve your skin elasticity.

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