Here Is How Much Water Your Body Needs To Lose Weight!


Water is a fundamental ingredient in our lives for different reasons. For instance, our bodies are consisted of 50 to 70% water. It can also manipulate the temperature level of the human body, transfer the oxygen and nutrients to the cells, disperse the nutrients and minerals, help with  digestion, defend the body tissues and organs, grease the joints, etc.

Water also helps the weight loss process and improves the metabolism. The metabolic ratio increases by 30% in healthy women and men by consuming 17 oz. of water, says a study that was written in a Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. The best result has been accomplished 30 to 40 minutes just after the partakers drank water.

In a different study, that was organized at the University of Birmingham in UK, an experiment that continued for 12 weeks involving 84 mature people having obesity problems was completed. The partakers were a part of one of two groups which were given primitive guidance for weight loss. The first group had to visualize their full stomachs before the meals and the second group had to consume 16 oz. of water half an hour before eating their meals.

The second group lost 3 pounds more than the first. This is amazing information for all those that desire to lose a few extra pounds. However, you should drink six to ten cups of water daily even if you do not want to lose weight. Before we give you more information about the connection between losing weight and the drinking of water, we will show you a few other helpful health features of water: Water holds the skill to take care of the heart and improve the cognitive skills. It can also avert the emergence of headaches and also keep you observant.

If you tend towards losing a few pounds, you should absolutely intend to sustain a decent hydration. As well as nourishing the body before and after exercise, you should also drink the normal amount of water throughout the day. This is highly crucial due to the fact that the drinking of the recommended amounts of water can produce that the metabolism operates efficiently, and it also reduces the appetite to consumption of huge amounts of food.

You have to be exact with the amount of water you drink. Nevertheless, you do not need to measure how much water you consume if you so desire, although it may be beneficial.

The following formula is excellent for determining on the perfect amount of water consumption and the quantity you need to drink in order to begin losing weight:

1st step:

At first, you need to measure your weight and later you can conclude what is the optimum amount of water. It is of absolute importance because as the kg or pounds grow, the drinking of water increases proportionately.
If the numbers measured on the scale display decimals, you can round the number up. Round down if it is a four or lower and round up if it is five or higher. The most precise way to get your number is by using an analog scale. For example, 100.5 pounds = 101 pounds; 100.4 pounds = 100 pounds.

2nd step:

The second step is dividing the weight in half and if the number incorporates a decimal, round it up. That number is the necessary amount of water you should drink expressed in ounces. (For instance, 101 pounds/ 2 = 50.6, rounded up to 51 ounces).

3rd step:

Establish your activity level that is directly related with the water consumption. By being more active the bodies release water in a more natural way. Add 16 ounces of water every time you do a half hour exercise.

4th step:

The fourth step is adding the numbers you received in the second and third step. The following is a model of what way this should look like:

  • 201 pounds of weight;
  • 201/ 2 = 101;
  • 16 oz. for half an hour of exercising per day;
  • 101 oz. + 16 oz. = 117 oz. or ten glasses of water.

The table beneath displays the required water your body needs to consume so you can lose weight:

Weight Consumption Number of glasses (one glass- 12 oz.)
80lbs 40 ounces 3
90lbs 45 ounces 4
100lbs 50 ounces 4
110lbs 55 ounces 5
120lbs 60 ounces 5
130lbs 65 ounces 5 to 6
140lbs 70 ounces 6
150lbs 75 ounces 6
160lbs 80 ounces 7
170lbs 85 ounces 7
180lbs 90 ounces 8
190lbs 95 ounces 8
200lbs 100 ounces 8 to 9
210lbs 105 ounces 9
220lbs 110 ounces 9
230lbs 115 ounces 10
240lbs 120 ounces 10
250lbs 125 ounces 10 to 11

Here are some important tips that will help you with the proper water drinking:

  • Before each meal, use eight-ounce cups to drink two cups of water. This adds up to an overall of 48 oz.
  • Drink one sixteen-ounce glass of water when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep at night in order to consume the other 32 oz.
  • Drink one extra glass if you have the need to get up throughout the night.

If you act in accordance with some of these tips you will get to 80 oz. of water drinking and this will make it easier for you to accomplish your daily targets.

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