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When it comes to burning the excess fat, most experts agree that boosting of the organism is the most efficient method. You can speed up your organism on entirely natural way by including specific foods in your nutrition. For instance, spices are very effective metabolism boosters. Just add some spices into your meals and with regular consummation you can burn fat without doing anything.

Experts from the Medical Sciences University of Iran performed a study and discovered that cumin is incredibly effective spice that stimulates the fat-burning process in the organism. This study lasted 3 months and included 2 groups of 44 women, all which were overweight. During this study, the participants were consuming healthy meals and were allowed to consume 500 calories a day. However, there was only one difference between the groups: group one was taking 3 grams of powdered cumin together with their diet, regularly. Namely, women in this group combined the spice with 140g of yogurt, while the group 2 was consuming the same quantity of yogurt without cumin.

The results were unbelievable and amazing. The cumin group lost 14 pounds more than the second group who was consuming only yogurt. Furthermore, the cumin group lost more fat, even 14.64%, while the 2nd group lost 4.91% fat.

Experts came to conclusion that filosterole is substance that makes cumin so effective in fat-burning process. Specifically, filosterole can efficiently prevent cholesterol retention in the body. Cumin is remarkable spice that is beneficial for boosting the metabolism into the fat-burning process.

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