Your Butt Shape Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health! Here’s What You Need To Know!


Believe it or not, your buttock shape can tell a lot about your overall health. So, what are you waiting for? Have a look at the pictures below and decide which one resembles your butt shape the most.

Square booty

You probably have surplus fat around the love handles or you exercise regularly, but your glutes are not strong enough. In order to get rid of the fat and make your glutes strong and shaped, experiment with core or glute exercises.

Round booty

This means that you’re healthy with a little fat in the top of the upper part of the glutes that can be easily removed with adequate exercises.

Heart-shaped booty

Your butt is the fullest at the bottom and thins up at the top of the waist. This shape suggests that you have surplus fat in the upper area of the thighs. This type of booty loses fat much faster as a person ages. With time, the fat relocates to the mid-section. Therefore, fix this issue as soon as possible with the help of the right exercises.

V-shaped booty

This butt shape is common in elder women considering that the fat from the bottom of the buttock relocates to the other body parts as they age and the amount of estrogen reduces. Eliminate this fat in order to protect your heart from northward moving fat.

Have a look at the following exercises that will strengthen your butt and help you lower the fat in that area:


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