Use Fertility Monitor to Achieve Pregnancy, Not Hormones!


Before you go and start using hormones for conception you must try using all available resources at your disposal.

fertility monitor

The Best thing that maximizes your chances of conception are fertility monitors.

What is a fertility monitor?

There are a lot of brands out there but all of them are for the same thing and work in a similar way. Monitor stores your information about personal hormone patterns and personalizes itself. In most cases identifies up to 6 fertile days,

it is non invasive method that only detects both LH and estrogen hormones. Monitors can be used if woman have regular or irregular periods.

There are a lot of reviews regarding fertility monitor brands, most of them are fake advertizing reviews, but the thing you have to look for is fertility monitor that uses these hormones, do not purchase fertility monitors that work on getting your body temperature they are not accurate at all.

So if you are tring to get pregnant and you are having difficulties, even if you are prescribed hormonal therapy FIRST go with fertility monitors, you have nothing to lose they are non invasive tests that tells you what day of the month is most fertile for your conception.


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