10 Foods Abundant In Fiber That Are Going To Help You Relieve Constipation!


Are you having problems pooping? Constipation isn’t a condition that you should be ashamed of. Actually, it is quite a commonly occurring issue as more than four million people in America are dealing with it every day. Even though it can happen to anyone to experience this issue from time to time, constipation can begin affecting the quality of your life.

It can cause bloating, gas, anxiety and stress, pains in the lower back, as well as fatigue. For this reason, you should do something in order to get your bowels moving.

Due to the fact that fiber shortage triggers constipation, it signifies that you need to raise your consumption of fibers on a daily basis to approximately 25 – 35 grams. Therefore, prior to deciding to go to the pharmacy and buy a laxative that generally triggers certain side-effects, take a look at the following foods abundant in fiber that are going to ease your pains in a completely natural manner.

Popcorn is a popular savory delight that is packed with fiber and includes a low number of calories.  The best alternative is to try avoiding flavors and pop the kernels on your own. For example, you are going to get three grams of fiber simply by eating three cups of regular popcorn.

Raspberries are abundant in fiber and contain a low amount of sugars. Only one cup of raspberries includes approximately 8 grams of fiber. Furthermore, they can aid the regulation of your levels of blood glucose and cholesterol.

Only one apple is going to provide you approximately 4.4 grams of your daily recommended fiber intake. Mix it with a few spoons of peanut butter in order to make it a more tasty and more potent delight rich in fiber.

Numerous studies have shown that rice has the ability to aid in the prevention of constipation. White rice contains one gram of fiber, and the brown one approximately four grams. Therefore, you should always opt for brown type when you are having troubles with constipation.

In addition to being delicious, these green soybeans are extremely healthy as well. One cup of stir-fried edamame includes approximately eight grams of fiber, as well as large amounts of vitamin A, C, iron, sodium, and calcium.

If you want to relieve constipation, orange is a better alternative compared to orange juice. Eat one big orange to obtain four grams of fiber, in addition to flavanol and naringenin which act as natural laxatives.

Flax Seeds
Flax seeds or linseeds are abundant in fiber, omega- 3 fatty acids, and lignans. The best manner to obtain their nutrients is by grinding or soaking them. One tablespoon of linseeds is going to provide you with approximately two grams of fiber.

Kiwi Fruit
The majority of fruits are rich in fruit or fructose sugar, and this is their biggest flaw. Nevertheless, kiwi fruit is an unordinary exception as it contains low amounts of sugar and large amounts of fibers and vitamin C. With the consumption of only one cup of sliced kiwi you are going to obtain approximately five grams of fiber.

Oats represent an incredible source of soluble, as well as insoluble fiber. Actually, you are going to obtain two grams of both fiber types with the consumption of only one cup of dry oats. Due to the fact that it contains soluble and insoluble fiber it can adjust the consistency of your stool. The insoluble fiber can make it heavier, and the soluble fiber can soften it.

Aloe Vera Juice
One of the numerous health beneficial properties of Aloe Vera is that it can provide an alleviation of constipation. The juice obtained from this plant can better the functioning of your bowels, as it can act as a natural laxative. It can be found in packaged bottles in many health stores.

The Following Are A Couple More Foods That Can Act As An All-Natural Laxative

  • Prunes
  • Kefir
  • Coffee
  • Olive oil
  • Castor oil

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