16 Amazing Breakfast Ideas For Diet And Weight Loss! MUST TRY!


The breakfast is an important meal for health and losing weight too. We have 16 ideas for the morning meals that have fibers, proteins and nutrients– all improving the health and losing weight.

1. Veggies with roasted egg
Eat this whenever you like, but is best for the morning. Add egg in the veggies and roast them.

2. Cantaloupe and yogurt
Greek yogurt is a healthy food and has many proteins, so skip all other protein sources now. Just mix the fruit and yogurt and avoid the granola and oats here, instead mix berries with it.

3. Overnight oat
Simple and tasty for removal of bloated belly.

4. Banana, almond, strawberry and yogurt
Make this into a shake. It has 350 calories and protein of 15 g.

5. Low carb hotcake
For this, use almond meal and flax seed too, but not sugar. Get all the fiber and protein this way.

6. Apple cinnamon quinoa
No gluten here, just protein and fibers. Add yogurt in it for better digestion; also, apples, cinnamon, raisins and almonds.

7. Avocado egg bake
Low sugar, proteins and fibers to name a few nutrients, and omega 3!

8. Fruit and home cheese
Get 4 oz home cheese for the 14 g protein and get the 81 calories of it. Add berries and fruits to this too.

9. Chia gingerbread mash
Great for weight loss and stopping cravings. The chia mash pudding is also helpful for every meal.

10. Salmon and asparagus
A health bomb with over 10 g protein and other great products. Besides, low in calories!

11. Egg white frittata
Low in calories, delicate and delicious, it is made of whites, spinach, onion, feta and peppers.

12. Thyme, garlic, quinoa and egg
Bake this in the evening to have it done for the next day. From this you get a lot of calcium and energy.

13. Tofu scramble, southwest variation
Terrific tofu meal prepared easily and refrigerated for days in row. Mix of peppers, cilantro, onion, cumin and coriander.

14. Avocado and hard-boiled egg
Gluten free and amazing, loaded with fiber and proteins for satiety.

15. Coconut and berry
A bar of 20% daily fiber doses, iron and even tops 200 calories.

16. Paleo bowl
This is made in just 10 minutes and keeps you really full and energized. It has lot of omega 3 acids and proteins, almost no carbs and just 335 calories.

Source: onlinehealthsociety.com
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