20 Deadly Cancer Signs Most Women Neglect!


Every woman should have regular examination when it comes to cancer. Not just every woman, but every person in this world has to understand the problems connected with cancer. But, the regular checkups are not the only way you should check yourself for cancer. You need to pay attention to the changes and signs your body gives you.

In order to help you, we present you a few cancer signs that you should pay attention to, and if you have these symptoms, you should go and visit your doctor immediately!

#1. Pain in the back and lower back pain
A lot of people connect the back pain with liver cancer. And that is according to many patients that have liver cancer that reported having pain in the back. However, liver cancer is not the only disease that is related to back pain. Breast cancer often can be diagnosed with back pain, considering that the tumor presses the chest and the ribs.

#2. Changed nails
If you see some changes in your nails, which is often a sign of some type of cancer. Too pale and whitish nails indicate signs of liver cancer, while brown or blackish dots on the nails indicate skin cancer. But, when it comes to nail curving, that may be a sign of lung cancer.

#3. Swollen face
Numerous lung cancer patients have swollen or red face due to that lung tumors block the chest blood vessels and limit the blood flow to the face.

#4. Sore/skin lumps
Check every skin and as these lumps or bleeds may indicate skin cancer or basal cell melanoma.

#5. Red/swollen/sore breasts
Nothing more to say here. If you have any of these signs, then breast cancer can be truly possible.

#6. Nipple changes
Another sign of breast cancer can be inverted, flat, or sideways changes in your nipples.

#7. Painful and strange periods or in between periods
If you are experiencing any of these problems, then trans-vaginal ultrasound is a must. These shows to uterus cancer.

#8. Short breath/wheezing
A potential sign of lung cancer.

#9. Chronic cough/chest pain
When it comes to coughs, they may indicate various cancer types, like tumors and leukemia. If you think that you have any of these, remember that lung cancer usually triggers pain in the chest that can spread to the shoulders and the arms.

#10. Fevers and infections
Having frequent fevers and infections are signs of leukemia. This happens as the infectious blood cells remove all shields of energy of the body. However, don’t assume anything before going to the doctor.

#11. Swelling in lymph nodes, neck, underarms, and groin
Enlarged nodes often indicate cancer.

#12. Trouble swallowing
If you are not having issues with coughing however have problem in swallowing, then this may be a sign of throat/esophageal or lung cancer.

#13. Bruises and bleedings that don’t stop
This can be a sign of leukemia because this disease is manifested by more leukemia cells than red blood cells, which in turn inhibits the transportation of oxygen and results in clotting.

#14. Fatigue/weakness
They are usually harmless however if they occur all of a sudden and without an obvious reason they might be a sign of cancer.

#15. Stomach fat and bloating
Gaining weight in the stomach area and bloating are often not so serious. However, before ignoring this sign, visit your doctor since they can be signs of ovary cancer.

#16. Low appetite
Another indication of ovary cancer can be low appetite. And if you see the reported problems at ovary cancer patients, the main issue is having less appetite than normal.

#17. Pelvic Pain
Pelvic pain, cramps around the pelvis, and bloating may indicate ovary cancer or leukemia, due to the enlargement of the spleen.

#18. Upset belly/abdominal pain
These cramps may be a sign of colorectal cancer.

#19. Bloody stool/rectal bleeding
These are the signs that you need to get checked. If you have these signs, then the possibility of having colorectal cancer are very high.

#20. Strange weight loss
Losing a lot of weight in a short time can never be a great sign. This weight loss may indicate both rectal cancer and digestive organ cancer. If it affects the liver it inhibits body’s ability to eliminate waste material.

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