3 Things That People Should Know About The Women Who Had C-Sections!


There are two ways of giving birth to a new life: by natural birth, or by C-section. Frequently the women who had C-section aren´t given the credit for what they´ve gone through, and this needs to change right now! Here are the three things everyone needs to know when it comes to this dangerous procedure and the experience of ladies who underwent it:

1. These ladies face the consequences and risks of a surgical procedure


Despite the fact that this procedure nowadays is considered common, it´s still a surgery. A lot of things can go wrong and there is always the possibility of complications pending. The threats are as real as they are when a woman is giving a natural birth– maybe they are not as big, however they still do exist. In addition, during the C-section the familiars and the father can´t be present in the OR, so the future moms find themselves all alone, without the necessary support and full of doubt and concerns. The worst part is that they have to conquer the fear and the feeling of solitude, keeping always in mind the strength, self-control and unconditional love that guide them to seeing their child alive and well.

2. Till they’ve got out the OR, they can´t know if everything went on well


For these women, the risk doesn´t end when the baby is born. On the contrary, until the moment they get out of the OR and wake up from anesthesia, it can’t be determined whether everything went on well. Besides, there is this one thing that people normally aren´t aware of: During the C-section, the mother is conscious; she doesn´t feel the pain, however she feels all the movement going on in her stomach. It is a very unpleasant feeling, a really intrusive one, and if the woman isn´t aware of it, she can become traumatized. In spite of that, they go on with it fearlessly, since they know how big the reward will be.

3. They carry out their post-cesarean recovery as real heroes


As soon as the baby is born, the parents get wrapped up in their new vocation and give their newborn all the possible attention they can. This requires serious planning and logistics, which usually results in exhaustion. Think of doing all that constantly in pain of the surgical procedure such as C-section. They don´t need to push the child out, nevertheless the pain is still there. The discomforts and inconveniences of the recovery from surgical treatment can be quite bad.

This is something that makes them even more powerful. They experience the kind of pain nobody even considers possible. They develop an inner strength that can just be compared to that of another mom. And above all, they are doing all this with a smile and with all the love they have, since every lost minute of their sleep, every diaper they changed, every smile and every opportunity of holding the little hand of their baby in their own, or hearing them breathe, and that soft smell just babies have, well, that justifies all of it.


Let´s have a round of applause for these brave women! They shouldn´t be hiding the scar on their stomachs, since that scar is the proof of a grand fight they won and should take pride in.



Source: naturalhealingmagazine.net

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