Extreme Weight Loss: 23 Kilograms In 2 Months!


This diet plan includes taking in 8 glasses of newly squeezed grapefruit juice in a day, 250ml, 8 times a day, or an overall of 2 liters of juice daily.

Grapefruit juice functions as a driver that has the capability to speed up the fat-burning procedure and the breakdown of fat deposits. You must stay with this quantity strictly.

You ought to prevent coffee due to the fact that it disrupts the insulin levels which blocks the procedure of burning calories.

Forbidden foods:

  • White flour and all the foods made from it
  • Desserts, cakes, sugar, chocolates and everything which contains sugar
  • Fried foods
  • Salt in small amounts
  • For breakfast, you can select the following foods every day, and it is best to alter them:
  • 2 boiled eggs with a piece of toasted black bread
  • One piece of toasted black bread with a piece of low fat cheese (50g).
  • Cereals and it is best to pick a yogurt with oat kernels.
  • A piece of black bread with butter or margarine.
  • 100g of home cheese with a piece of bread diet plan.
  • Milk and banana shake.
  • Fruit salad of apple, orange and kiwi.
  • A glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey and 203 biscuits.
  • Take in the very first glass of grapefruit juice on an empty stomach, prior to breakfast.

    Your lunch must be a mix from steak and salad. Do not fry the meat. You are permitted to take in chicken, turkey or fish that can be prepared or baked, no greater than 200 grams. Likewise, you need to consist of a fresh season salad.

    Include soy sauce rather of salt and one teaspoon of olive oil.

    Take in a glass of grapefruit juice prior to each meal. Consume the staying 5 cups throughout the day, when you feel starving or thirsty. Likewise, you ought to take in other beverages such as water and green tea.

    You should strictly prevent alcohol, sodas and other juices.

    For supper, select veggies which can be steamed or baked. You can likewise include baked potato to the veggie serving. Consume a glass of grapefruit juice prior to going to sleep.

    Make Sure to Walk for Thirty Minutes every day.
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