4 Super Foods That Can Dissolve Painful Gallstones Before They Are Even Formed!


Your gallbladder is accountable for storing bile and sending it to your intestines to break down fatty foods. When you consume a meal that has a high fat material, the intestines need bile to break down the fatty food. Ideally, your gallbladder is then informed to send out bile to your intestines and help in the digestion process!

Sadly, a lot of people deal with a malfunctioning gallbladder, and the most common reason for this gallbladder dysfunction is gallstones.
The bile that is stored in the gallbladder is full of cholesterol, which in this case is an advantage, however when the cholesterol starts to surpass the bile, problems can emerge. If the cholesterol balance is off in your bile, the cholesterol can in fact start to crystallize!
When your cholesterol crystallizes, gallstones are formed, and this is a very common, and painful experience!

You’re more at risk of getting gallstones if you are:

  • Eating fatty foods frequently
  • Obese
  • Overweight
  • Pregnant
  • Struggling with liver disease or diabetes
  • On contraception

In order to lower your chances of getting gallstones or to relieve gallbladder pain (for those with the above characteristics or those without) you must try and include the following foods to your regular diet!

1. Lentils
Studies have shown that women and men that consume more lentils, beans, and peas are less likely to develop gallstones.
It is believed that the high fiber material in these foods is what makes them remedies for gallstones and other gallstone pain. If you’re trying to find foods will more fiber, we also suggest chick peas, whole wheat grains, and fiber filled fruits like oranges!

2. Salmon
The omega 3 fat content in salmon is very good for gallstones due to the fact that it fills the body with good monounsaturated fat, unlike the fat found in unhealthy food. Monounsaturated fats can lower your cholesterol, which takes a strain off your gallbladder, decreases the chances of your cholesterol overpowering your bile, and inhibits crystallization.

3. Fruits And Vegetables With Vitamin C
Consuming fruits with vitamin C is important in preventing gallstones! When you are vitamin C deficient, your risk of gallstones increase astronomically since vitamin C synthesizes your bile with cholesterol. When vitamin C isn’t really there to do this job, the cholesterol will not be able to blend with the bile and crystallization will take place.
Vitamin C filled foods are:

  • Oranges
  • Kiwis
  • Guava
  • Yellow bell peppers
  • Dark green leafy veggies

4. Almonds
A handful a day keeps the doctors away! Almonds are a good source of calcium and magnesium; both which are crucial in effectively managing your cholesterol and bile balance.
If almonds aren’t your thing, try having a little bowl of plain organic yogurt everyday! Better yet add some vitamin C filled fruits! A double-whammy of gallstone protection!

On top of eating well, you need to also maintain a healthy lifestyle when trying to avoid or relieve gallbladder pain. Here’s a list of fun, easy methods to remain active and healthy!

  • Incorporate a walk into your everyday!
  • Try keeping a diet diary! (This will help you keep track of progress!)
  • Use a step counter and try to meet a goal by the end of the week.
  • Purchase healthy cookbooks so that you’re limited to healthy, low-fat recipes!


Source: justnaturallyhealthy.com
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