6 Effective Ways To Lose Weight With The “Hypothyroid Diet Method”!


Your thyroid gland helps regulate the way your cells use energy from food in the process known as metabolism. This also affects your heartbeat, your body’s temperature, and the way your body burns calories.

In fact, there are 2 major types of thyroid disorders, such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Furthermore, hypothyroidism is a common thyroid condition characterized by underproduction of the thyroid hormone. This thyroid disorder happens when your thyroid doesn’t create enough thyroid hormones.

Additionally, the most common signs of this health issue include weight gain, dry skin, loss of hair, depression, irregular periods, forgetfulness, constipation, fatigue, muscle cramps, and feeling cold.

It is essential to know that weight gain is one the early indication of this health issue.

So, Here Are 6 Solutions That Can Help You Balance Your Meals, Improve Your Thyroid Health, And Prevent Weight Gain:

#1. Start by Following These Suggestions:

  • Learn more about refined sugar
  • Be committed to eating healthy

#2. You Should Avoid Eating Simple Carbs Found in:

  • Packaged Cereal
  • Soda
  • Flavored Juices
  • Corn Syrup Sweetened Products
  • White Flour Products
  • Table Sugar

Replace these carbs with complex carbs. Complex carbohydrates are not processed by your body too quickly, hence making you feel full for longer. Also, unlike simple carbs, these carbohydrates do not lead to dependency.

Here Are Some Complex Carb Foods:

  • Oatmeal
  • Raw fruits or 100% Natural Fruit Juice
  • Whole Wheat
  • Brown Rice

#3. Get Regular Exercise To Stimulate Your Body To Burn More Fat

Get regular exercise in order to stimulate your body to burn fat. You should practice certain exercises that can improve your metabolism and help you burn more fat. In case you work out at average intensity, it could induce the hormone production rate of your thyroid gland, thus preventing weight gain. For instance, focus on aerobic, running, walking, and other cardio exercises.

#4. Introduce Coconut Oil in Your Daily Diet

Most vegetable oils possess fatty acids that can slow down your thyroid function, in addition to add to weight gain. Nevertheless, coconut oil is high in healthy fats. Specifically, the medium-chain fats present in coconut oil can improve the function of your thyroid. What’s more, they can also boost your insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance.

You can use this oil in cooking, or take it about twenty minutes before eating to improve your metabolism and prevent fat build-up.

#5. Healthy Snacks

Although most people practice snacking in their diet, this could be damaging to your weight in case you do not know how and what to use as a snack. A few snacks at a specific time of the day rather than your regular meals may help keep you feel full for a while. Also, this might help reduce the overall intake of calories.

Here Are The Best Food Choices For Your Underactive Thyroid:

You should consume more raw nuts since they are loaded with nutrients and healthy fats that can improve your thyroid health. Additionally, they are also abundant in selenium, i.e., a nutrient that can drastically improve your thyroid function.

You should also include more omega-3 fats in your diet because they are beneficial for your thyroid. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in high-quality fish. However, you may also want to take a fish oil supplement as it might raise your weight-loss potential.

That’s not all, raw, organic, unfiltered and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar is also an outstanding food choice if you suffer from hypothyroidism. This type of vinegar helps stabilize your hormones, lower your cravings, and promote weight-loss.

If you don’t have a sensitive stomach, you might want to add 1 tbsp. of raw, natural ACV to a glass of water and consume it daily.

Source: organicplanner.com

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