9 Vegetables That You Can Regrow Again And Again!


Did you know that there are veggies that you can regrow and use them whenever you want to? They’ll be devoid of any pesticides or harmful matters and you will not need to buy them anymore! Here, we present you 9 vegetables that can be regrown as long as you like to:

Bok Choy
Bok Choy is a vegetable that’s very easy to regrow. You just need to put the end of the root into some water. Leave it in an area that’s well-lit. It will be ready in a several weeks. Then, put it into a pot with some soil.

First, put some basil clippings with about stem 4 inches into a glass of water. Leave the glass into an area with direct sunlight. After some period of time, you’ll notice that they have actually started developing. Then, you should transfer them into a pot with some soil.

Romaine Lettuce
Put Romaine lettuce stumps in about a half an inch of water. The level of water should always be a steady half inch. The roots and leaves will begin to appear in few days. After you notice them, plant the stumps in some soil.

First, leave an inch of scallion attached to its root. Put it into a small glass without much water. Use a small amount. Make sure it isn’t very exposed to sunlight. You just need a small amount of sun.

Put a garlic grow into a glass filled with small amount of water. In some time, this will produce many garlic sprouts.

Leave carrot tops in a dish with a small amount of water. Keep the dish in your windowsill. You’ll be able to notice some results in a while.

Use the base of the celery. Put it in a saucer or a small cup. Put only a small amount of lukewarm water. Leave it to rest in the sun. You’ll notice leaves that have begun to grow in the middle of the base. This is the moment when you can put this in a pot with some soil.

Putting several cilantro stems into a little glass of water will result with roots soon. After you notice them being long enough, put the stems into a pot with some soil. After a period of time, you’ll have a completely grown cilantro plant!

You need the seed from the middle of an avocado fruit. Put a small container in a well-lit area. Use toothpicks to suspend the seed over it and cover the half of the seed with some water. You’ll need about 2 months for the whole procedure. You’ll notice stems growing from the seed. Then, when they become about 6 inches high, cut half of them away. When you notice leaves appearing, plant the seed in a pot with some soil or in your yard and wait for the fruit to appear!

Source: newdailyrecipes.com

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