Attention! If You Ever Develop A Black Mark On Your Fingernail Like This, Rush To The Hospital! Here’s Why!


Nowadays, one of the most harmful and life-threatening diseases is cancer. Therefore, in this article we will present you a heartbreaking story about a woman who had to deal with this horrible illness. When the physicians diagnosed her with cancer, she was in shock since she never thought it might happen to her.

After a while, she decided to speak up in public and share her story in order to raise awareness about this terrible illness. Her main idea and goal was to warn people to pay attention even to the smallest change happening to their body since it could indicate cancer. She suggests people to consult their doctor the minute they see even the smallest mark or growth on their body.

Melanie Williams is a 36 years of age mother of 3, who never thought that one little dark spot under her fingernail can change her life. Melanie found a little dark spot under her fingernail, but did not think much of it. She believed that it is simply a little wart or a fungal infection and there is nothing to stress over. Luckily, she chose to consult her doctor, and to her surprise, this little dark spot it was actually melanoma, a type of skin cancer which if caught early can be removed surgically.

Thankfully, the cancer had not metastasized and infected other organs yet, so now she awaits a surgery in order to remove it. Unfortunately, one part of her finger will be removed too. Imagine what would have happened if she didn’t consult her doctor on time.

She also revealed that her skin cancer appeared unexpectedly and developed in just few weeks. She shared her story along with a photo on Facebook, not to provoke sympathies, however to raise awareness about this lethal illness. “I want more awareness. So, please go and get any changes or growths on your skin checked out. And, please inform other people around you to get examined as well”, Melanie posted on her wall.

After just three weeks of posting her story, she had more than 120 000 shares. You can also share this article and alert people around you who might be in danger too.




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