Be Careful! The E-Cigarette Is Not So Safe As You Thought!


According to many people these electronic cigarettes are a good method that helps in the process of quitting to smoke cigarettes. Different studies state that these are not that harmful as the traditional cigarettes. However, according to a new study, the e-cigarettes may be dangerous for oral health.
This study was published in the journal PLOS One and it stated that actually the vapor of the electronic cigarettes contains nanoparticles and compounds that are dangerous for the external layer of skin cells in our mouth.
Dr. Shen Hu together with his colleges were examining the impact from the vapor of the e-cigarettes on the cell cultures. They took examples of cell cultures of the oral cavity, more specifically from the part of the mouth that is behind our gums and teeth.

Then they were using one device that is copying the use of e-cigarette and produces the same vapor. After that they analyzed the vapor and its compounds and found out the concentration of particles.
Moreover, these cell cultures were being exposed to two different brands of e-cigarettes vapor for the period of 24 hours, while the researches were paying attention on the effects.

The vapor from the E-Cigarettes was responsible for eliminating 85 % of the cells in our mouth!

The researchers found that the vapor included carbon nanoparticles, silica and metal. The concentration of these varied due to the flavor and the brand name.
When they were analyzing the effect from the vapor on the cell cultures in our oral cavity they found that it lowered the levels of glutathione, which presents essential antioxidant that is protecting the cells from damaging. They discovered that this vapor from the e-cigarettes destroyed around 85 % of the cells.
So, due to the fact that these e-cigarettes are getting more and more popular every day, the researches consider that these researches are very important for the health of the people.
The CDC stated that the usage of e-cigarettes has doubled in the period between 2011 and 2012, especially for the students in middle and high school. Furthermore, more than a fifth from the adults that are smoking cigarettes state they are also using the e-cigarette in 2014.

People should be aware for the health risks!

For these researches to be valid they need to be made on human beings, however the fact that they are dangerous for the oral cavity is present.
The e-cigarettes are known to develop aerosols which consists nanoparticles that are also containing some chemicals which may cause toxicological result in our mouth. And because they are becoming very popular among the population, they should have the information that they can be harmful for our oral epithelial cells.
That is why the researchers want to make the people aware about the risks that the e-cigarettes can bring to our health.

They will continue with the researches on humans and the effect from the e-cigarettes on the oral health. They will use one group of dental patients at UCLA Dental Clinics as a part of their study. They have all been using e-cigarettes, so Dr. Hu hopes that they will be able to create a screening model which will be helpful for forecasting the toxicity and informing the customers for that.

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