The Best Oil For Instant Relief! It Works Better Than Painkillers! For People With Arthritis, Sciatica Or Back Pain!


With aging, you are prone to experience different health complications. One common problem that the majority of people experience is joint pain. Nevertheless, most people have the tendency to overlook this pain until it becomes serious. And when this happens, popping pills or using lotions are the only alternatives left. Well, this time try rubbing your aching joints with castor oil to get relief naturally. Did you know some of these amazing health benefits of castor oil?

Does castor oil actually help?

As castor oil is rich in anti-inflammatory substances, it is commonly used to treat joint pain, which is also one of the common symptoms of arthritis. The oil also promotes the immune system to produce antibodies to fight against inflammation. As the skin easily absorbs castor oil, topical application helps relieve joint pain and other related signs such as aching muscles and inflamed nerves.

For joint pain
For quick results, massage the hurting joint with warm castor oil. You can also place a warm water pack over the joint for quick relief. If you are suffering from arthritis, repeat this process two times a week for effective outcomes.

For arthritis
Place a cotton fabric that has been soaked overnight in castor oil on the affected joint. However, make sure that you squeeze out the excess oil before using it. Place a heating pad on it and keep it for an hour. Try to do this regularly, say every fortnight, even when you do not in fact experience joint pain.


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