CAUTION: If You Notice These Bugs In Your Home, Go To The Doctor RIGHT AWAY!


The Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention had issued a warning about the current health scare– a bug called triatomine, or commonly described as the “kissing” bug. According to CDC, it can even kill a person.
You may think this bug is harmless, however it really transmits a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, which becomes fatal once it goes into a human body. This parasite triggers Chagas disease, which has actually affected over 8 million people worldwide.
This is exactly what the “kissing” bug looks like.
Prevalent in Latin America, Chagas disease can trigger heart problems and lead to death. The signs start two months upon contracting the infection and include fever, headaches, bigger lymph glands, muscle pain, and problem breathing. As these symptoms resemble flu, they are quite tough to identify.
When signs start to develop, the infected individual can get skin sores or a purple swelling on the eyelids of one eye.
There are two stages of advancement in Chagas disease. The first stage has fewer signs than the second, which usually misguides people into believing they’ve got the flu.
10% of infected individuals report gastrointestinal issues, whereas 30% experience heart concerns once the second stage establishes.
There’s no available immunization for this disease; nevertheless, Chagas disease is treatable. If the disease is detected early, the treatment is almost 100% effective.
In order to increase your protective procedures, the WHO recommends using insecticide to spray your house and preserving proper personal hygiene, especially when near food.
If the host rubs the bite, there’s a higher risk of the disease being spread as the bug normally defecates into the bite, and the feces infects the bite with the fatal parasite.
The northern areas are the only area of the United States which aren’t at risk, including New England and New York State.




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