CNN Warns: DO NOT Eat This Food!! It May Bring Dangerous Worms in the Body!


CNN explains that one type of meat contains the tapeworm Spirometra erinaceieuropaei and it can cause Sparganosis, which is a dangerous parasitic infection.

CNN’s website released a story of a man who was diagnosed with this tapeworm after traveling to Thailand, South Korea, Japan, and China. In the beginning, he was having problems with chronic headaches and his doctor prescribed him a therapy. But, the therapy didn’t bring any positive results.

So, in order to discover the main reason behind his continuous headaches, he had an MRI which found a tapeworm living inside his brain tissue. Specialists confirmed that the tapeworm may have been living there for around 4 years.

Consumption of pork meat is the most common way to get infected with this parasite. Taenia Solium is a species present in pork meat and people can get infected in 2 ways. One way is through consumption of pork meat from infected pigs.

This often results in an adult worm in the intestinal tracts of the pig which can impact the human brain known as Taeniasis. The second way is through direct contact with feces from people or infected pigs in the form of larvae. This has a negative effect on the body tissues.
To be accurate, if the larvae get in the nervous system, they may trigger a major infection of the brain- neurocysticercosis. Also, if the worm invades the brain, it can cause epilepsy.

In Asian countries, according to the WHO, every 3rd person who suffer from epilepsy was previously contaminated with neurocysticercosis.


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