Doctors Warn Not To Wear Flip Flops Because They Can Be Very Dangerous For Your Feet And Overall Health!


Flip Flops are everyone’s favorite summer item, but contrary to popular opinion, they are not very good for you besides being the minimal footwear that you can wear in the summer heat. A few people who know a thing or two about footwear and health, call them unsuitable and bad for your health.

One big particular reason for this negative attention that turn flops are getting is that there is so much stress on your feet and flip flops are weak to support it.

“They let your foot be as flat as they can be”, said Jim Christina, director of scientific affairs at the American Podiatric Medical Association. “If you have a foot that tends to over-flatten, then you’re not getting any support.”

This can be an initial cause that can lead to many things like inflammation on the tissue at the bottom of your feet, which is called plantar fascists.

To use a play of words, turns flops are really floppy. They strain your feet just to keep them on when walking which can lead to your knuckles going upwards, a condition called hammertoe. And this is just the initial reaction that comes from wearing flip flops. But stumbling is a natural reaction to the action of wearing flip flops, it must happen.

Turn flops will make you stumble and they will be of no help when it comes to quick recovery. There is no way to protect your ankles, or protect you if you hit anything. When you fall, you fall badly.

Yes, as we sad, flip flops might be the only footwear heat protective and they do not develop smell or gather bacteria. Well, that is not true. The New York Times did a little research where they sent their reporters to a lab in flip flops. The results were staggering, because a deadly bacterium was collected on the foam of the flip flops, including 18,100 harmful bacteria.

Walking barefoot might be a healthier alternative. You will collect the same bacteria but most of us take a good, clean shower and wash our feet thoroughly after a day at the beach. When’s the last time you gave your flip-flops a good scrubbing? Plus, you do not have the bad support issue. Through history, footwear was a luxury, and barefoot was the way to go.

Check out this talk from Dave to learn more about the physical (and mental) benefits of walking barefoot.


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