Early Signs Of Reduced Potassium Levels In The Body!


Few people know about the reduced potassium levels, but this is very important to know about. Potassium has an essential function in maintaining the proper function of the body. However, there are some early worrying signs of reduced levels of potassium.

The proper amount of potassium in the body is very important for the function of the body’s muscles and also for the heart. Cells contain about 98% of the potassium, so if there is any change in the level of potassium, it can cause harm in the muscles, heart and the nerves.

These are the 6 early signs of reduced level of potassium in the body:


General fatigue is one of the signs of potassium deficiency in the body. So, you can feel tired for no good reason, and not because overworking or over exertion. The propert function of the cells in the body is connected with the proper amount of potassium, and if the level of potassium is reduced, it can have a negative impact on the proper function of the organs and cells. So, in case you feel simple fatigue for no good reason, and you have not done anything with some extra effort, you should seek advice from a physician to know the right reason for that.


Salt-induced bloating can also be caused by potassium deficiency, because the body then aims to regulate normal levels of sodium.


The health of the nerves can be jeopardized by potassium deficiency in the body. If you have reduced levels of potassium, you can feel pins sensation and annoying needles.


Lack of potassium in the body can also lower the normal functions of the body and also slow down the process of food digestion. This can also cause cramping and stomach bloating. However, feeling bloated is not only because of lack of potassium in the body. Many foods can also be the reason of bloating.


The effects of sodium are reduced by potassium. That’s why it is of great importance to eat a lot of food abundant in potassium, in order to control the blood pressure.


The health of the heart can also be impacted by the reduced level of potassium in the body. It can result in irregular heartbeat rhythm as well as heart palpitations. It can also impact the coordinated and rhythmic contractions that are regulated by the electrical impulses. So, it is every important to intake a lot of potassium if you want to prevent heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks.

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