Fig Leaves And Diabetes! The Best Natural Remedy To Fight This Awful Disease!


For a period of approximately six long years I dealt with diabetes. I tried different kinds of drugs and medications for diabetics and just recently my physician informed that I had to start injecting insulin to stabilize my levels of blood glucose. Fortunately, my friends advised me to consult a naturist doctor. As a result of this natural infusion I don’t have diabetes anymore.

It is a well-known fact within the framework of the oriental medicines that fig leaves possess astringent and regulating qualities of blood sugar, therefore they occupy an essential place in the treatment of diabetes in a natural manner. It is quite probable that few people are familiar with the fact that the fig tree is a remarkably healthy food.

Nonetheless, in addition to being delicious, this fruit likewise possesses a number of medicinal qualities, however, its leaves are likewise of key importance for the organism.

Fig Leaves For Treating Diabetes

Fig leaves contain large amounts of all0natural insulin, therefor their intake can reduce the need to inject it. It is a remarkable all-natural treatment for people suffering from diabetes.


Infusion of Fig Leaves: Place three fig leaves, of which you get edible fig, in half a liter of water, bring them to a boil and keep boiling them for a period of 15 minutes. Use it as drinking water and in a month you are going to notice the outcomes.

Other health beneficial properties of fig leaves:

Fig leaves have the ability to reduce the triglyceride levels in the body, so you have to consume them on a regular basis as they can help prevent obesity and heart attacks.

Chewing fig leaves and swallowing the resulting juice is a good treatment against ulcer.

Figs are among the fruits that contain the largest amounts of fiber, therefore their consumption is beneficial for the digestion system. On the other hand, they are recommended for obese people or people whose goal is to lose weight, taking into consideration that they can speed up the digestive rhythm of our body. They can likewise act as a natural laxative that can be used for fighting constipation.

The tea prepared from fig leaves is a homemade solution ideal for treating asthma, bronchitis, as well as other respiratory illnesses.

Blood pressure
Figs are a very important source of potassium, which represents an efficient mineral that can help lower and regulate the blood pressure, therefore it is advised to consume this fruit on a regular basis to people dealing with high blood pressure.

Anti-oxidant Properties
Studies have in fact demonstrated that figs possess anti-oxidant qualities. You should eat two medium dry figs every day in order to promote a considerable increase of these compounds in the body.

Bone Density
Figs are likewise a key source of calcium for the body, thus they are beneficial for bone density. They can likewise help prevent the calcium loss through the urine, thus preventing the weakening of the bones as well. Due to this particular property, they become the perfect food for women going through menopause, a stage that can significantly affect the bones.

It is about time that you begin incorporating this delicious fruit into your everyday diet. Lighten up and enjoy the benefits that figs and its leaves offer when it comes to the health of your body.

One of their most characteristic qualities is their expectorant power, because they possess properties that can aid you cleanse the lungs. Therefore, the leaves of the fig tree and its fruits are very recommended for persons suffering from respiratory illnesses such as colds, bronchitis, excessive mucus …

The application of this fruit is going to aid you eliminate this excessive amount of mucous and provide you with a relief.

It likewise has remarkable laxative powers, therefore the consumption of figs is highly suggested for people experiencing problems with the stomach or constipation. It is an incredible ally that can help recover the intestinal transit, as well as prevent problems caused by its malfunction.

Additionally, it likewise has anti-rheumatic qualities, therefore it is a good alternative for persons who have a family history of this disease to eat figs, as well as for people who practice a lot of sports and whose joints are subjected to high wear.


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