How To Grow A Lemon Tree For An Endless Supply Of Lemons Using Only 1 Seed!


The plant that we all love and is known as a really healthy and with many benefits is certainly lemon. Lemon is full of vitamin C, which is important to our body to work normally and improve immunity. Having a lemon tree in your home requires minimal effort, and if you have at least one lemon in your home you should not think twice and start today. In case you do not know why is lemon so great for your health watch this video and if you still wish to have your own lemons in the house use the tips below.

You will first need one potting with some soil which you will mix with water. Now get one container and put the soil you just mixed leaving about an inch of space below its rim. Now you need the main ingredient. Get one lemon and slice it open. You only need one seed from it. The seed should be without any of the flesh. After the flesh is removed put it in some water because it has to be moist when planted.

Plant your seed about a half inch underneath the soil and water it a lot because it needs a lot of water however try to find a balance not to water it too much so the seed will rot.

You must cover your container with the breathable plastic to make sure that it stays warm and damp and keep it in a warm area.

After week or more when you notice it begin to sprout get rid of the plastic cover and place it in a still warm area however with a lot of sunlight.

While the lemon tree is young it must be moist all the time and at least 8 hours a day at direct sunlight so find a place where it can get that.

Your tree will get larger and larger so you may need to transplant it to a bigger container and all you should do is move it with the soil itself, it will take few minutes.

Here is the result:


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