This Is How To Grow New Brain Cells, Regardless Of Age!


Brain cells can be grown no matter how old you are, at least so says Sandrine Thuret, a neurologist who offers practical advice on how people can help their brains to optimize neurogenesis, improve mood, boost memory and prevent the decline associated with aging throughout life.

If you are not familiar with scientific literature, especially in neurology, maybe the title of this article seems absurd and even incorrect, but it is far from being so because every adult has the ability to grow brain neurons, regardless of age.

It was believed that the human brain was “fixed”, understanding that brain neurons were lost and might not grow once again. However, it has now been revealed to be entirely false, however, before we talk about it, we will explain the development in order to continue to another explanation.


There are numerous different regions in the human brain, neurogenesis refers to the process of creating brand-new brain cells, which is more active during prenatal development, but the brain has two parts and that remains so until their adult years.

These parts are called: hippocampus and sub-ventricular area; however, other research has revealed that these separate regions present neurogenesis, however science has actually not yet articulated these developments.

It is not necessary to pay or perform surgeries for this, since it is possible through methods that everybody can use, in order to improve cognitive potential.

Exercise is important because of the amount of physical, psychological and psychological benefits it gives the body. It is impact the intellectual effect and on the neurons, the simple fact of walking can help you, since it has shown a direct link with the neurogénesis. Walking 45 minutes a day you will be contributing with a new growth of hypo-field tissue.

Dietary Measures
Proper nutrition helps promote brain growth. Turmeric is able to directly influence neurogenesis, and in turn, increases the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a fact that is totally important because BDNF is essential for numerous neurological functions.

Through fasting a caloric restriction is performed, which is very beneficial in improving cellular and neuronal combustion, because it would be cleaning the cells and consequently getting rid of toxins.

Docosahexaenoic acid is preferable over all forms of omega-3 as DHA helps in neuro-genesis.

It is another beneficial food, due to the fact that the flavonoids they contain are favorable for increasing neurogenesis, improving mood and cognition. You will also be providing antioxidant effects to your body.

Green tea
Another ingredient to increase neurogenesis, especially the epigallocatechin gallate it contains, which affects the growth of brand-new brain cells. Numerous experts have demonstrated that the number of 5-bromo-2 ′-deoxyuridine of the labeled cells in the hippocampus increased in adult neurons. A few cups of green tea or EGCG extract will do the expected effect.


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