Here’s How To Balance Your Armpit Bacteria And Get Rid Of Bad Odor!


The unpleasant underarm smell can be a problem for a lot of people. Even though underarm deodorants and antiperspirants are usually used for eliminating this embarrassing and unpleasant problem, a study shows that actually 80 percent of people do not have the need to use cosmetic products.

What you should know is that we smell the most when we are sweating, and although the sweat itself doesn’t have a particular smell, the bacteria that are present in the armpit cause the smell. More specifically, the lipids and amino acids that are present in the sweat are broken down by bacteria thus transforming it into a smelly substance.

Like we said before, antiperspirants aren’t indispensable when it comes to fighting body smell. The fact is that they are usually rich in strong chemical substances that can eventually cause more harm than good.

The Armpit Is Our Ecosystem

Just like the intestinal flora, the armpits have their own flora that consists of good bacteria. When this balance is lost, generally as a consequence of some foods and prescription antibiotics that enable the problematic microbes to take control of the good bacteria, the ultimate outcome is a bad odor. Balance is of utmost importance for eliminating the body smell in a natural manner.

It’s Not Simply About the Smell

A study that was conducted recently revealed that the whole body is linked to the microbial world. For instance, the gut microbiome is extremely influenced by lifestyle and dietary habits, and mood as well.
Continue reading this article and find out how you can keep your microbiome balanced.

1. Use milder soaps as most of the commercial soaps are packed with SLS and SDS, which have the ability to eliminate the protective sebum. Sebum is the oil that the skin glands produce and that has the ability to protect the skin and its micro plans due to the incredible fats it contains.

2. Don’t use aluminum-laden products as aluminum has the ability to prevent sweating. Numerous studies have likewise linked the aluminum present in body care items to a number of health problems.

3. Check the label because the crystal antiperspirants are advertised as aluminum free, however, they still have alum in them, which is in fact potassium aluminum sulfate. Even though this does not mean that they are completely aluminum free, they are still a much better alternative than a number of other antiperspirants present on the market.

4. Triclosan and parabens represent potent anti-bacterial agents that can cause a lot of negative effects on the underarm microbial balance. They remove the beneficial bacteria, thus destabilizing the microbial flora.

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