Here’s Why Microwaves Are Bad For You! Warning Facts That You Should Know!


Nowadays, microwaves are one of the most commonly used kitchen home appliances, with 90% of American families using it daily. Microwaves are based on technology which channels heat energy directly into the food. This makes microwaves an extremely fast and efficient cooking technique. They have a magnetron which produces wave energy that turns molecules’ polarity from positive to negative. The polarity attacks the food molecules and the polarized ones radiate millions of times in a second. This is how the food is heated up, however, its molecules are structurally damaged.

According to Dr. Hans Hertel, a well-known biologist and food scientist, he conducted a study about the impacts of microwaved food. For 8 weeks, 8 people ate raw food, conventionally prepared foods, and foods cooked in microwaves. The end results of the study showed changes in the subjects’ blood chemistry. Dr. Hertel explains that no atoms, molecules, or cells of any organic system can withstand this sort of destructive power for a longer period.

You’ve probably noticed that the food prepared in a microwave is frequently unevenly heated. This is because the oven works with the water molecules present. Hence, considering that not all molecules in the food have the very same quantity of water, the heating is uneven.

Another study done at the Stanford University took a closer look at the effects of microwaved breast milk and it was discovered that when microwaved, the disease-fighting properties of the milk are destroyed. In the 90s, there was a lawsuit against a hospital in Oklahoma because a patient died after receiving blood which was warmed in a microwave. Furthermore, because of their negative effects, microwaves were banned in Russia in 1976.

These are just a few of the negative sides of using microwaves:

  • Regular consumption of foods warmed in a microwave can cause long-lasting brain damage.
  • Regular intake of microwaved foods can lead to increase of cancer cells in the body.
  • When microwaved, foods lose their minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.
  • Foods warmed in microwaves can cause stomach and intestinal cancer.
  • Regular intake of foods cooked in a microwave can cause immune system deficiencies.
  • Long-term intake of microwaved foods increases the chances of bad concentration and memory and reduction in intelligence and emotional stability.
  • When cereals and milk are warmed in a microwave, some of their amino acids develop into carcinogens.
  • When raw, prepared, or frozen veggies are heated in a microwave, their plant alkaloids become carcinogens.
  • Defrosting frozen fruits causes the galactoside and glucoside to turn into carcinogens.



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