Here’s How To Naturally Reduce Inflammation, Cholesterol, Heartburn, Joint Pain And Reenergize And Revitalize Your Body!


Honey and apple cider vinegar are 2 incredible natural ingredients, especially when they are combined and used raw. Moreover, sweet raw honey makes the drinks taste even better.

If you consume a mix of honey and apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach, you will fight against the pain in the joints, pain in the throat, digestion problems and inflammation in a natural way, without drinking any medications.
Here’s a list of the health benefits that you are going to feel if you start consuming this mix:

  • Improve your overall health and remove the pain in joints (helpful for arthritis)
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Eliminate acid and relieve heartburn
  • Improve digestive health and problems with constipation
  • Reduce inflammation of the throat
  • Weight loss
  • More energy
  • Lower cholesterol and high blood pressure levels
  • Young looking skin and appearance
  • No bad breath

Why is this mix good?

If you look at the chemical properties and interaction of this mix with the body, you are going to see the health benefits. A lot of health experts think that we become sick when the level of acidity in our body is increased (pH below 7). Apple cider vinegar is naturally acidic, but when you consume it, it becomes alkaline. has a low pH as well, but when you use it, the alkalinity of the body increases.
That is why these 2 ingredients are the perfect solution for the excess acidity caused by consuming junk foods and drinks as well as having a stressful lifestyle. The pH value of the body should be between 7.0 and 7.4 in order for the body to function at its best.

How to prepare the mix?

First, it is important to use natural and not processed honey and vinegar in order to keep all their dietary properties.


  • 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (if you can tolerate the taste, increase to 1 tablespoon).
  • 1 teaspoon of raw honey
  • 1 cup of warm water

All you need to do is mix this ingredients and that’s it. You may not like the taste but you are definitely going to like the health benefits so it is important to stick to the recipe.

When to consume it?

Consume it every day in the morning on an empty stomach, about 20-30 minutes before breakfast for best results.
Some experts say that you can increase the dosage to 2 or maybe even 3 times according to your needs, and of course, if you can tolerate the taste.
Just like every other natural products, you should first test it on yourself to see its effects because the high usage of apple cider vinegar can lower the levels of potassium and also decrease the bone density.
Moreover, the vinegar can interact with laxatives, diuretics, and drugs for diabetes and cardiovascular disease, so it is better to consult your doctor before using it.


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