Hot Pepper Oil: Amazing Remedy For Treating Pain In The Spine!


This oil is made of hot red peppers and is very beneficial for radiculitis, myositis, neuralgia, rheumatism and joint pain.

The oil of hot peppers belongs in the group of irritating and warming oils. It has irritant effects: widens the capillaries, improves blood circulation in the upper skin layers, strengthens the vitamin metabolism and triggers the regenerative processes of the epidermis.


You will need the following ingredients for the preparation of the hot pepper oil:

  • 10 fresh red hot peppers
  • 2 cups of virgin olive oil
  • Glass jar (1L)

Wash the peppers well, cut the stalk, and mince them well in mincing machine. Put the minced peppers in your jar and put them with the olive oil. Leave the glass in some dark area for 7 days. After that, strain the mixture through gauze.

Seasoned Chinese red pepper oil

Don’t throw the minced peppers, instead add them in your meal. The red resulting oil should be used for treating joint pain and rheumatoid diseases.

First, you should apply the oil numerous times a day, when you are feeling pain in your joints or other part of your body.

Once the oil is applied, you should put some socks on. Warm up the other treated body parts as well. After rubbing the oil on your skin, you will feel a burning sensation, but it is tolerable and even pleasant, since the heat from the oil will penetrate deeply into the skin, however without burning it.

Over time, you can reduce the intensity of applying this oil. After one or two months, you can do the process once a week, if the pain appears due to changes in weather conditions.

Keep the oil in dark area.


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