IMPORTANT! Here’s What You Should Do In Case Of A Heart Attack!


Heart attacks cannot be anticipated and we should be lucky if we don’t experience one during our lifetime. However, if you do experience it, here are some helpful advices that might save your life.
It is good to know this this not just for you, but also for somebody you know and don’t know so that you can help them in case of a heart attack before the ambulance comes.

Most of the people panic and don’t know what to do if they or someone close to them experiences a heart attack. This will cause them to fall into unconsciousness immediately. This means that you have only a few seconds to do something that may save your life.

It is important to remember that first you need to call an ambulance. After you do this, it is important to begin coughing intensely. Cough strong and deep for a period of 2 seconds and extend the exhale. This action will save your life or the life of the person close to you that is experiencing a heart attack because when you are taking deep breaths and coughing, you are actually applying some pressure on the heart and keep the circulation of blood. This action will keep the sinus rhythm normal which will keep you alive while you are waiting for the ambulance.

Watch the video below to see the demonstration of this process in such a situation.


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