Ladies Be Careful: You May Lose Memory, Hair, Nails Using…


The article shows the sad story of a girl who almost lost her life because of severe bacterial infection. She’d only made a reckless mistake, something which all ladies can do. Keep reading and discover how a thoughtless error can cost you a life.
Everything started when she passed out in her bathroom one day. Prior to that, her health had actually worsened and she had experienced extreme hair loss. She also lost a few nails.
When she reached the health center, doctors diagnosed her with a toxic shock due to an uncommon bacterial infection caused by tampons.
As her health deteriorated rapidly, medical professionals had no other alternative, however to put her in a caused coma. This was the only way she could survive the treatment. 8 days she was brought back, but she could not remember anything. In fact, she couldn’t even recognize her children.
Her memory loss was an outcome of the fact that her brain function was also seriously influenced with the infection. She couldn’t finish a sentence, and her motoric function started to deteriorate as well causing her inability to walk.
Her recovery was incredibly challenging and slow. It took two long years.

Professionals are aiming to raise awareness among ladies and girls that tampons can posture a major health threat unless used effectively. Correct hygiene of the intimate parts is a MUST, especially during a period, and tampons need to be changed often. In fact, they must never ever be left inside for more than 8 hours due to the fact that the blood, warm and damp environment create the best environment for proliferation of lethal bacteria.
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