Mixing Some Fruits With Cucumbers Can Be Harmful For Your Health! Here’s A List Of Foods That You Should Never Mix!


Lots of people usually think that if they mix a bowl of vegetables and fruits, it would be the best thing they have ever eaten which it is really healthy. But, is that so? According to some researches, you can’t mix certain foods as they can even be dangerous and harmful!

It’s also very important whether you’re on some medicines or not. Medicines can even trigger dangerous side-effects.

Kale, for example, is amazing for your health, however not if you consume it while you’re taking some medications. It’s also the exact same with grapefruit juice.

Every natural food, fruits or veggies are good for you, you just have to know you should not mix some of them. We’ll take a look at tomatoes and cucumbers.

They are great because they’re abundant with vitamins, nutrients, anti-oxidants and water. Still, mixing them at the same time is a big mistake! One of them digests into our body slowly and the other digests very fast!

This type of consuming foods that are different in their digestion rates can cause many side-effects. The food ends up fermenting in your stomach and becomes potentially dangerous for your organism!

Avoid Fruit After A Meal?

Fruit have lots of simple sugars which don’t need digestion. It means they won’t be in our stomach for a long period of time. Some foods like starch, protein and fat won’t be in our stomach for a long period of time because they’ll digest longer.

In case you have a habit of eating fruit after a meal, stop doing it! It only stays in your stomach for too long and begins to ferment!

Here are also 7 mixes of food that many people like to eat, however they should definitely avoid them:

Mac And Cheese
This meal is popular, but consuming it is very wrong. Macaroni contain starch. Its time of digestion is a lot more different than the one of protein. This combination will just cause digestive problems and fermentation.

Cheese And Meat
Another combination you need to avoid because of the greater amount of protein.

Cheese And Vegetables
When you consume them together, all they can offer you is bloating.

Orange Juice And Noodles/Bread
These should never be mixed! The acid you need to digest the juice may destroy the enzyme that has a role to absorb starch.

Watermelon And Melon
Don’t mix them! They should be consumed separately!

Milk And Bananas
Avoid this combination as it can reduce your digestion.

Yogurt And Fruit
This is another mix that slows your digestion down, however also causes problems for your intestinal flora even though it’s the preferred breakfast of many people.

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