Moms Be Careful!! Mom Applies This To Her Baby, And Shortly After He Dies! Here’s What You Need To Know!


This case will make people question its use, specifically parents with small children because it could bring fatal consequences to them. A Mexican mom tells her tragedy to caution other parents and prevent another person going through what she’s living: the loss of her 2-year-old baby. When she returned from work, she went into her child’s room. When she came up to kiss him, she noticed he had a fever. She thought it was just a cold and used a home remedy to alleviate him.

She rubbed Vick VapoRub on his chest, back, and under his nose to help him breathe. She tucked him up and laid down beside him. She was tired, so she went to sleep next to her child. Hours later, when she woke up, she noticed her son wasn’t breathing. She carried him and took it to the hospital to save him. However, unfortunately, everything was pointless, the baby had actually been dead for hours. The medical report specified the child passed away due to inflammation in the respiratory track, caused by the camphor included in the well-known ointment.

She never imagined that home remedy would take her baby. She just wished to help him breathe, and the ointment did precisely the opposite. The thing is, this solution works for adults; however, for children younger than two years, the lotion increases the mucus by 60%. The mucus builds up on the trachea and blocks the breathing.

The label warns the ointment is not recommended for children under 3 years. Sadly, in the case of the Mexican mother, the warning went unnoticed. Using home remedies for a number of different conditions is something common in homes all around the world, but we hope this story draws attention to this fact: when children are concerned, we need to always read the labels and ask for the advice of experts prior to using any home remedy. We must not let a simple mistake take our loved ones; we must be careful and seek medical advice to deal with any disease.

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