DO NOT BITE YOUR NAILS! This Can Have Really Dangerous Effect On Your Health!


We all think that if someone is biting their nails, they have to be anxious. Still, the reason behind, might of different background and the results might be sometimes even fatal. Maybe you are one of them or maybe you have a friend who is biting their nails, but we have two words to say to you: Please stop!

There is a real story about John Gardener, who had been biting his nails so much that he was forbidden to do that, and obviously with a good reason, since, he got septic infection and finally a heart attack.

Nail biting is not just unpleasant but is also dangerous. He was said to have bitten his nails until they started to bleed. This led to insensitivity to pain and ruined fingers. Why he did it? Because of anxiety and depression.

The bleeding wasn’t that innocent so at some point led to a septic infection. The antibiotics didn’t help and the final solution was that the fingers had to be amputated. After this he didn’t feel badly, he was ok but not for long, several days later at his birthday, he had a heart attack. His mother stated: “This wasn’t expected, it struck us really hard, I do not want this to happen to anyone, this is a real tragedy.”


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