Now It’s Official: FDA Admits That Vaccines Cause Autism!


The FDA  published a vaccine document that notes “autism” as one of the various reported severe negative effects.

The vaccine Tripedia that causes whooping cough is not readily available on the market, and its serum’s insert offers a hint that reveals for what factor it may have been pulled. Tripedia was developed to be taken in 5 doses between children of 6 weeks and 7 years old.

Beside the other severe problems, scientists have acknowledged “autism” as a negative reaction listed below a section on page 11 which describes “Adverse Reactions”.


There are likewise numerous other reports of negative effects which have been activated by the vaccine like SIDS (Abrupt Baby Death Syndrome), anaphylactic reaction (severe allergic reaction), idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (lower levels of blood platelets), convulsion, encephalopathy (brain swelling), hypotonia (floppy child syndrome), cellulitis (microbial skin infection), etc.

The document states too that evidences were consisted of in this list due to the fact that of the severity or frequency of reporting, yet the scientists likewise keep in mind that due to the fact that these events are reported willingly from a population of uncertain size, it’s not constantly possible to dependably estimate their frequencies or to develop a causal relationship to components of the Tripedia vaccine.”.

However, the CDCP or the Center for Condition Control and Prevention has an entire page committed to claims that there is no casual connection between autism and the vaccines.

It’s up for you to decide exactly what is the really true.

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  1. The FDA lists autism as a side effect that has been reported, but in the fine print it clearly states that there is no causal evidence. Therefore the vaccine by in no means causes autism, it was simply reported as an “outcome” for as few as 1 individual. The guy who started the whole “vaccines cause autism” rumour went to jail for creating false data… Please do your research before reporting things. Vaccines save lives <3

      • Correlation is not causation. There are many factors that can be connected to the increase in autism. One of these is that autism is better understood now and has an entire spectrum for diagnoses. As autism diagnoses have risen, we have also seen a decline in the diagnosis of mental retardation.
        Just remember, correlation is (seriously) not causation.

        • AMAZING .. yet the correlation between humans and “climate change” has been ESTABLISHED by 97% of “scientists” as CAUSATION!!!!!
          yet THIS is “science” ….

          • Dawn Freeman on

            Yes, Jorge–97% of actual scientists (not “scientists”) claim that, and the scientific data backs that up. If you knew anything about the drastic increase in hydrocarbons in the atmosphere, you wouldn’t have made such a blatantly ignorant statement.

        • It’s funny how they seem to use “correlation” as causation when it suits their agenda like with tobacco. There isn’t one disease that is isolated to smokers, but the list is long for diseases that they “correlated” and claim are caused by smoking. Then, there is the hysteria of second hand smoke as well. So, please tell me when is this ruled applied and how is even a “rule” if it’s only applied dependent on the topic?

      • Is Autism really on the rise, or are doctors finally saying “hey, this person is on the spectrum” instead of “This child is just damaged goods (like back in the 1800s and early 1900s when more diseases and illnesses weren’t really well known)”. Is it really that something is causing Autism, or is it more that doctors have figured out where the spectrum lies?

        • I most certainly agree. I don’t think its “on the rise” I think it was undiagnosed in the past and doctors have more knowledge now to identify Autism. To be honest even if vaccines really did cause Autism I’d rather my child be on the spectrum and live, than to die a horrible death from a preventable disease.

          • Chicken pox? Seriously? HPV? Educate your child, and raise them with morals…and 90% of HPV is resolved on it’s own with a healthy immune system. The BEST defense against the flu is a clean immune system, not a mercury filled cocktail yearly. Measles by the way provides natural defenses against CANCER so we vaccinate so no one ever gets it and cancer rates are out of control. I am sure you won’t believe that one, but ask Ben Carson. He wanted Measles vaccines mandated because they are GIVING MEASLES TO CANCER PATIENTS TO HELP WITH THE IMMUNE SYSTEM KICKING OUT THE CANCER. hmmmm so they vaccinate against something that rarely causes death, that helps prevent a disease later in life the predominantly causes death so that cancer treatments can make billions…please do more research

      • Not Dr Wakefield on

        Vaxxed is a propaganda movie just as bad as the Triumph of the Will. It was made by a doctor who lied so badly about the autism/vaccine thing that he was struck off the medical register in his home country and has spent the years since lying and gathering support for his garbage. Meanwhile children are dying of diseases that were almost eradicated. This man is a child killer and the people who believe him complicit in their deaths.

        • Tell me why my son has Autism and Grand Mall seizures. I don’t give a rip what you say. I Know, that it was caused by aluminum and mercury in the vaccines. I saw the change. It is covered up because it would cost pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars. And if ever proven, I will sue them into oblivion.

          • THANK YOU! That’s exactly what happened to my daughter too! I watched her go from a happy healthy perfectly normal child, hitting every mile stone! Then a week afer she had her shots, she started having seizures, and lost those mile stones one by one! Now she’s thirteen and still not talking and will require care her entire life! Just a coincidence that it happened after her vaccines! I don’t think so! You cannot tell us vaccines don’t harm! My daughter is living proof!

          • I agree with the young Ladies that said their children had side effects to the vaccine my 16 year old son got the MMR vaccine and he now has grandmaul A sezuirs and Autism at one of the best hospitals in the world Strong memorial Hospital I plan on getting a lawyer quickly…..

          • Yes I agree after my son’s 1 yr needle everything with him changed he was thriving fine now after vaccinations he is asd and developmental delay something changed in my son and no one will tell me different

          • I believe 100 percent thwy cause autism My grandson was a perectly fine child smatt as a whip until he got his shot mmr at 2 then he started the problems They are covering it up I think they should be sued He has to live with this the rest if his life

        • An educated mother and self advocate on

          I have a friend that as an adult got a flu shot and 2 weeks later she suddenly has very severe rheumatoid arthritis everywhere. Her Dr believes that is what triggered the reaction in her body causing the issue. Care to explain that one away too considering her DR BELIEVES IT IS THE CAUSE?

          Or my client who got the flu shot and one week later her kidneys suffered massive failure? Oh wait, that’s coincidence too?

          Get an actual education outside of mainstream propaganda and the only “health care” system in the world that has business plans requiring a percent of patients to be hospitalized to meet their damn profit goals. NO other health care system in the world disciplines Drs for making patients healthier rather than just treating symptoms, none…except ours. Think about that…

    • Vaccines harm and kill children. There is a federal agency that pays out millions of dollars to parents whose children have died or been “damaged.”

    • The government was also responsible for the huge AIDS, Hepatitis C, and etc outbreaks around the 80s that was blamed on homosexuals. When in fact the government knew of procedures to clean blood and knew of companies that were not doing this, while at the same time these companies were getting blood from everywhere and passing it on to people who needed it. Hemophiliacs were hit hard by this and 652 hemophiliacs (known) had developed AIDS and 386 had died of it. Then they also had the potential to pass it on to others. These people also included children given contaminated blood whenever it was needed. Do you now really think the government wants to acknowledge all the immoral things they do and inject you with. No, of course not then they would be liable. If they deny existence of it, then they are just ignorant and not liable. FDA is the worst agency of scam artists. The flu shot is not needed due to the nature of the virus, especially when you are healthy, every true scientist/biologist knows that healthy person has the immune system to handle these kind of viruses and that preventing them is impossible due to the evolutionary mutation ability of a virus. But people are slowly being forced in certain jobs to have a flu shot or be fired. A flu shot does not prevent spread and does not prevent the virus completely. If anything some symptoms may be lessened if it hasn’t mutated already.

    • Fierce Truth on

      This is ENTIRELY incorrect and it is the same rhetoric that has been spewed for EIGHTEEN. YEARS. NOW. The “guy” you are referring to is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, he NEVER went to jail, and he was falsely accused of misrepresenting data because his findings were a threat to vaccine manufacturers; however, the accusations were never correct and he has been fully exonerated and his paper was reinstated by The Lancet in England. All he did- at the request of desperate parents who were being ignored by doctors- was study children with this “new” neurological disease (Autism) suffering from severe bowel disorders since he was an academic gastroenterologist. He found that treating their bowel disease helped their behavior and communication issues. THAT’S it. He NEVER said that vaccines CAUSE Autism. Not once. But the media and people like YOU who just heard a story and kept repeating it without ever actually reading the study or knowing ANYTHING about it have kept the lie alive and endangered babies for two decades!
      He was told that coming out with his findings would ruin his career, but his duty was to his PATIENTS, not the pharmaceutical companies with billions to spare to shame and ridicule and ruin people. It obviously worked, because you just reposted a LIE from 1-9-9-8 and believed it… All he did was state it might be wise to take the MMR in single vaccines. This was enough to ruin the MMR program, so he was blacklisted. THAT is the truth.
      By the way, one guy who IS a wanted felon is a Scandinavian doctor who published a falsified study claiming vaccines do not cause Autism… And then he took the millions the CDC gave him for another study and bought houses and cars and is currently evading authorities. Ironically, HIS fraudulent studies are STILL quoted as “proof” that vaccines do not cause Autism BY. THE. CDC!!!
      Many studies have proven the link between vaccines and Autism, including the one that was FALSIFIED BY THE CDC SCIENTISTS!! Look up Dr William Thompson who has admitted that they destroyed evidence at the CDC which proved that Autism rates increased up to SEVEN times higher when male black babies were given MMR before age THREE. They omitted the data from the study and destroyed the hard evidence into a large trash can. Only ONE man kept the evidence.
      SO. Not only did “the guy” in England get wrongfully accused as he was always right, the actual wrongdoers are the CDC in our own country. The CDC- which is a publicly traded company FOR PROFIT which also owns several vaccine patents. The CDC- which we trust to protect our babies and set the vaccine schedule…
      AUTISM, by the way, is the LEAST of parents concerns compared to the DEATH rate from vaccines, the seizures, the strokes, the paralysis, the severe autoimmune disorders, the severe developmental delays, the severe food allergies that won’t allow kids to bring peanuts to school, the asthma, the childhood and infant cancers, the unbearable eczema, the dangerous fever, the encephalopathy and neurodemyelinization… Autism spectrum is very sad, but so is a dead baby from Vaccine-Induced Death Syndrome or one so profoundly affected they will never lead a normal life. All to prevent a week-long rash with a VERY SLIGHT risk of complications (Measles, Chicken Pox) or a cough that can be treated with Vitamin A and C therapy (Pertussis) or a sexually transmitted disease that can be prevented, detected early, and treated completely (HPV) or 5-7 days of the FLU, period, as the Flu shot kills and paralyzes people frequently.
      Please, do YOUR research and quit relying on 18-year-old “news” that was never true. Vaccines cause encephalopathy- BRAIN SWELLING- due to the massive amounts of aluminum designed to cause inflammation and enhance immune response (because injecting pathogens is not good science). Brain SWELLING causes brain DAMAGE which leads to the behaviors that are grouped and diagnosed as Autism. So yes, vaccines CAUSE Autism. AND SIDS. BOTH are listed in the inserts, but it is a total surprise to people who laugh and point fingers when parents say their child developed Autism or DIED immediately after shots. Parents KNOW their babies, we KNOW what happens to them, we KNOW when the slightest thing changes within them.
      Try as you may to say it’s anecdotal, it’s coincidental… Talk to the hundreds of thousands of parents who report IDENTICAL stories. Go to #wearevaxxed or or YouTube to the Vaxxed channel. There are hundreds of videos made by parents across the country about vaccine injury. I made one. Vaccines DESTROY lives. And before you go off spewing the rhetoric about “Do you want Polio to come back??” The history of Polio is a myth, a construct in support of vaccines- the vaccines which CAUSE Polio and other viral paralytic illnesses. Acute Flaccid Myelitis or Transverse Myelitis and Guilliane Barre Syndrome are becoming common and they are CAUSED by vaccines- identical in symptoms and pathology to Polio- which also has the same presentation as arsenic and lead poisoning, by the way. Look up Dr Suzanne Humphries, an expert in the Polio myth and vaccine injuries. Join “Stop Mandatory Vaccines” on FB, learn some truth from parents who will give you hundreds of links to scientific articles to peruse. Above all, don’t quote studies you haven’t read and “facts” that aren’t true. Dr Wakefield lives in Austin TX and is STILL helping parents where other doctors are failing them- still pretending that vaccines are “safe” without even knowing the actual ingredients. Best of luck on your journey of discovery. Or you can, by definition, remain ignorant. Your choice!

    • Jim Robertson on

      ‘Side effect’ is the very meaning of cause and effect. Taking the vaccine CAN cause the listed side effects. Even a 5 year old can figure that one out.
      Taking 40+ vaccines before 6 years old full of mercury aluminium and other adjuvants such as formaldehyde that pass through the blood brain barrier is simply insane.. Not to mention that there are ‘clean vaccines’ which are available for the ruling classes..
      No one disputes immunisation can be of value but to blindly jack your kids up with this filth is neglect do the highest order…

  2. My brother who seem to be developing fine until 3 years of age. Than suddenly he was autistic. To the point that he will never live alone, marry, drive or be a dad. He is now 41. Has the intellect of a nine yr old. Was it the vaccines? We will never know.

    • Fierce Truth on

      You know… If he was vaccinated, there was probably a very clear period where he spiked a high fever, had a tremendous headache possibly to the point of banging his head because it was so intensely painful, and high-pitched screaming from the encephalitis. Historically, once the baby falls asleep, something changes and they wake up a different child- if they are fortunate enough to survive the brain damage. They can no longer walk, stand, speak, interact, acknowledge others, respond, express needs, and they begin stimming- spinning, flapping, rocking, lining objects, repeating behaviors, and all the classic behaviors. There is no question, no doubt, that anyone with Autism that had vaccines developed it as a result of them. Look back at his medical records and shot records side by side. You’ll be shocked and sad and angry, but at least back then they could say they really did NOT know much. They HAVE since the early to mid 90s, so every parent of a baby that developed Autism after the early 90s should be furious and disgusted and challenging the CDC, FDA, AMA AAP, NIH, WHO and all our “protective” agencies who are betraying us and our babies in the name of money!!

    • You speak to and trust an actual doctor. Vaccines save lives and eradicate deadly disease. Over 100 studies (even one funded by anti-vaccination groups) have failed to show any link between vaccines and autism.

      • View my previous reply under D. You are talking about a government who makes millions off people doing this and care more about preventing outbreaks that kill more than amount of people a vaccine would cause problems to. They believe in the literal term the fittest will survive and in the process we control populations and make money.

  3. Any medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) CAN kill. Does that mean we should never take a medication? Of course vaccines can have adverse reactions. But diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough can also kill. Measles can kill. Polio can kill or leave one paralyzed. These diseases were virtually wiped out by VACCINES!!! I’d rather take achance on a vaccine, than on a disease.

  4. My child has autism but he is alive! I still believe in vaccinations. I’d rather have my boy with autism than a dead child from all the diseases vaccines eradicates. Don’t any of you remember history. Many children didn’t survive past the age of 6! These are deadly diseases that kill. If autism is one symptom I’d still have my child vaccinated. From an autism mum

    • My son has it too, he was ahead of all mild stones until the age of 5. I always thought it was the vaccinations. I still believe they serve their purpose, I just wish they were broken up, given individually.

    • Fierce Truth on

      I think you are referring to the history of child expectancy to age six BEFORE the introduction of sanitation, good plumbing, good nutrition, and basic medical care. These illnesses- not diseases- are now easily diagnosed and highly treatable, even with IV Vitamin C as in Whooping Cough!
      These VACCINES kill WAY more than the actual illnesses do, and Autism is rather low on the chart of clear and present dangers to infants receiving EIGHT vaccines at just two and four months. The “SIDS” rate is climbing concurrently with the vaccine schedule and is oddly NOT spread evenly but clustered at TWO, FOUR, AND SIX MONTHS, proof that the vaccines are the major factor in sudden death. Considering most “SIDS” babies are found oozing blood, froth, mucous and fluids from their nose, mouth, and even EYES AND EARS, it is NOT random “suffocation” as they attempt to blame it on. What otherwise healthy infant dies in his sleep bleeding our oozing from the eyes, ears, and orifices???
      Time to wake up now!! MMR is ineffective, there are many people who are contracting Mumps and there are still a few Measles cases even AFTER vaccination. It is also DANGEROUS as it leads to seizures, strokes, and encephalopathy that damages the brain and directly causes Autism. Lose the instilled fear of these childhood illnesses, stop vaccinating, and we will see a massive reduction in Autism with little to NO rise in “preventable” illnesses!
      *How many adults do you know that have had ALL 16 vaccines babies get? AND within the past 5-10 years? NONE? Neither do I. Where are all the outbreaks if ZERO adults are fully vaccinated?? T-H-I-N-K
      I have two kids with zero vax. My youngest, age 4 1/2, had never even seen a doctor sick, never been on antibiotics. Her rare colds go away within a couple of days, and people tell us constantly she is bright and polite and intuitive beyond measure! We are ruining our babies in this country at the behest of government and business interests! When do we stop it?

      • I completely agree. All of these vaccines weren’t always around. The people talking about it prevents diseases didn’t receive half of the shots there giving our babies. My son has autism and it is a daily struggle for me and him. If they find out that is from these vaccines i honestly don’t need punitive damages paid. I would get much satisfaction out of them taking whichever vaccines it is off the market so no other kids would have to study with this.

  5. So basically Michelle, you’d rather your son be alive with hardships, struggles, and debilitating learning disabilities because you’re selfish and YOU think that because he’s alive that’s better than being dead? Take it from me, a damaged girl with vaccine induced attention deficit disorder which is a sister to autism… being a broken and subpar version of a whole kid is probably worse than being dead. Watching everyone else succeed while you struggle horribly with small insignificant tasks. Before you make such epic decisions for your childrens lives remember what I’m telling you about life as one of them that’s damaged.

    • So why haven’t you killed yourself yet? Have you determined that life actually IS worth living, even with something as mildly inconvenient as ADD?

  6. Robert Rutherford on

    The latest peer reviewed research has demonstrated that the brains of children that go on to developing various forms of autism are already starting to show the pathology that later results in autism. These changes start to happen in utero long before the infant is vaccinated. Children that are not vaccinated and have these brain changes go on to develop various levels of autism. The reason that autism has been blamed on vaccination is that autism starts to become apparent around the time most children are vaccinated.

    • Fierce Truth on

      This is especially true since they are now vaccinating PREGNANT women, something unheard of just a few years ago. They HAVE always tried to state that babies are “born with Autism” and now, they are making it so. Vaccine inserts ALL state “Not tested during pregnancy” but also not tested for mutagenesis nor carcinogenesis, nor for effects on fertility… But they are suddenly ok with injecting PREGNANT women in one massive test study they aren’t aware they are a part of? If Autism and SIDS are listed on the inserts, imagine what these shots are doing to developing fetuses! The fetal DEATH rate is skyrocketing, and not from simple miscarriage- these are viable babies at 30, 32, 37 weeks… Dying in utero after shots to “protect”them. It’s unconscionable.
      As far as vaccines “blamed for Autism”, is more the hundreds of thousands of parents who saw IMMEDIATE, life-altering changes within hours or days of shots. Vaccines- The world’s leading cause of coincidences!!

  7. It’s amazing my daughter was fine and normal until she turned about 2 yrs. Then I started seeing autism characteristics. She was done before vaccinations and now she’s not. Hereditary? No one on either side of her family has or had Autism ever!

  8. the fact that a doctor is not liable for any injuries due to vaccination recommendations or the pharmacuitical companies ….is that more or less likely to create safety and competency ….hmmmm….. Vaccines don’t offer life long protection…. fact or fiction? Fact!……the bs that they train your immune system is a nonsense and based on a myth and send your immune system in overdrive is more than likely. it comes down to making a decision. if you go with the recommendation of your doc and your child is injured it’s going to be VERY VERY hard to get compensation to take care of your kid and guess what you can’t blame your doc he is going to say “you made that decision” and vice versa …. So really vaccinations are not about doc recommending etc., it’s more about patients insight and intelligence to determine the risks and actually learning about diseases it’s implications and it treatmenst…. So shall someone risk getting vaccinated developing an injury and still catching a disease let’s say from a vaccinated person hmmm…..that should be up to that person or parent not a doctor because you see you pay your doc to to administer things to you but who makes the choices? You!:) so bullying is not very intelligent tactic even though it works on many. Science , science , science just yesterday tobacco was a health product now it’s danger that’s a Beaty of it it can be investigated … And any breakthrough is always ridiculed because of the preconceive notion. Side effects are important just like proof. Apples and oranges are different but side effects and vaccinations aren’t. Vaccinations carry risk that’s a bottom line and no one even know the full implications of those risks.

  9. all I know is there was a doctor who changed his field of work when his Daughter was diagnosed with Autism and he was adamant that vaccines was the culprit I read an article where parents praised him for helping their autistic child. The doctor ended up dead and a few of his colleagues because they were on to something

  10. Curious….How many the autistic children have leaky gut on here?
    I work for a family and leaky gut seems to be the linked. 2nd child was not vaxxed and before 2nd birthday they were diagnosed with it . Older sibling is autistic and has leaky gut as well.
    There is no test, and it seems that kids that can not filter out the preservatives and other bad stuff are the ones that develop autism because of it. It seems to run in families.
    There needs to be some test…..

  11. Philip C. Specht, PhD on

    Anything that happens after vaccination can be reported to the FDA. The FDA collects all these reports to see if there is a possibility that vaccination caused the following event, or if it was just random.
    Yes, autism has been reported after vaccination. It also occurs without vaccination.
    No, vaccination does not CAUSE autism.

  12. Last i knew, this was in the vaccine insert, but this particular shot is no longer marketed in the US – so of course, the JABBERS all claim that vaccines don’t cause autism.

    As though ONLY autism has become a vaccination issue. Nobody worries about developmental delays, increased for early pertussis vaccination, increase in miscarriages of 2,450 X when pregnant women get a flu shot, Guillain Barre’ Syndrome, the disease itself in some cases…………

  13. Edwin de Vries on

    Dig deeper in the understanding of the body itself
    Our body is a perfect regulated system
    If you do not harm the body with diseases
    When the baby is born directly there it goes it get its first needle in the arm good bye defense system of the growing baby.
    Why does the baby need mother milk because to build up his defense system. Not a fucking needle with a bunch of chemical cocktail please be kind to the baby.
    The world is making us sick to think there are deadly sickness in the world . Mother nature has given us the best defense mechanism but we do not understand it anymore.

  14. The title of this is so misleading how irresponsible of them to post it like this. This site is totally irresponsible, the Dr that started all of this BS was proven wrong and even admitted to false data. These types of headlines spur the anti Vax movement and we are now living with a resurgence of measles and mumps will it take a resurgence of polio and and increase in infant and childhood mortality rates before this stops. Millions of children are vaccinated Nd if it was the cause of autism the rates would be far higher than what we are seeing….we seem to be in an age of denying science which will have very poor outcomes for everyone.

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