Pineapple, Cinnamon and Oats Smoothie to Strengthen Tendons and Ligaments in Knee


The knees are among the most vital joints in the body. They offer the ideal posture of the body, allow us to stroll, jump, stand.

As time passes, they suffer numerous injuries, injuries and hits and end up being broken and loose. Their tendons and ligaments end up being less versatile and natural lubrication is lost.

Nevertheless, our body requires the knees to be strong and ready for quick and sharp motions. Their tendons and ligaments have to remain versatile and strong and support the body. This is why here we provide you terrific dish to return the natural lubrication and strength of the knees and enhance your way of life.

Pineapple, cinnamon and oats healthy smoothie

This healthy smoothie is rich in vitamin C, silicon, magnesium, and bromelain which are anti-inflammatory and minimize discomfort. Likewise this nutrients offer strength and energy to the whole body.

Active ingredients:

— 250 ml water

— 1 cup immediate oatmeal

— 40 g honey

— 2 cups of sliced up pineapple portions

— 1 cup of fresh natural orange juice

— 7 g cinnamon

— 40 g crushed almonds


First prepare the oatmeal, then squeeze the juice from the pineapple. In a mixer include orange, honey, almonds and cinnamon and mix well. Include the oatmeal and pineapple juice while the mixer is running. When get a good smooth mix and a couple of ice and mix once again.

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