The Power Of Cannabis Oil: Elderly Man With Terminal Cancer Walks Out Of Hospice After Treatment With Cannabis Oil!


Unfortunately, the condition of cancer is becoming more and more common, its appearance is on the rise. Then, according to the medical institution the survival rates are now bigger due to the usage of present pharmaceuticals. However, this fact is partially true and needs to be really carefully examined due to the results and the effects that come from these conventional cancer treatments including the radiation and the chemotherapy, which according to some cases can be harmful.

The chemotherapy is targeting any rapidly-producing cells and then starts attacking, not making a difference between the normal and abnormal cells. While it destroys the healthy cells, the chemicals are disrupting every metabolic process in us, and that is the reason why the people become very sick when they are using this “therapy”.
This lead to other health problem and it is especially reducing the functioning of our immune system, which makes as prone to sickness as well as other disease. The same thing happens with the treatment of radiation, it focusses on the cancer cells however they are surrounded by the healthy ones.
So, that is why these methods are not the best alternative for removing the illness from its root.

The treatment should target the root of the illness and to come to that first you have to know the cause for it and then change it. So, the treatment of chemotherapy and radiation are not doing that. We are made on that way so that only our body will recognize which cells are healthy and which are unhealthy. The cells are replicating exact replicas so that they can continue with the normal functioning. The immune system gets to eliminate abnormal cells every day or every second day.
That is why it is important to have strong immune system aand you will be able to prevent and reduce the diseases. Have an intake of only known substances so that your body can accept them and use them.

Read this story about one man who fought with cancer!
One man, called Stan Rutner was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma and decided to go under the traditional treatment. After this the cancer went into remission in 1989 . However, years later, in 2011, he experienced a chronic cough. The doctors said it was pneumonia and the conventional treatment. However, when they managed to lower this condition they revealed that he has lung cancer is stage 4 that had metastasized to his brain, which meant that he had also an inoperable brain tumor.

He was then in his 70ties, and accepted to use the standard chemotherapy and radiation, which made his health worse. He lost a lot of weight, was exhausted and had nausea all of the time , which are all results from the traditional cancer therapy.
Then, after 4 months of treatment he was received in the hospital having radiation pneumonitis, which is a lung diseases caused from the radiation. This is a common problem from the radiotherapy that can appear in different forms, particularly when the patient is imaged. And this is only an example of something can fixes one problem and at the same time causes another problem.

Death sentence
Stan was given an oxygen tank that he had to use it all the time. After 3 weeks he was said that he only has 4 weeks to live, at most. He had already tried some alternative treatments such as
Reiki and acupuncture but they didn’t have many effects so it seemed like there is nothing he can do so he started preparing to die. He was very ill, slim and in big pain. His family started to investigate about the use of cannabis for treating cancer and suggested him to start using cannabis oil at least to ease the nausea. He had nothing to lose so he tried using cannabis oil.

Cannabis oil healing power
After only one week of taking cannabis capsules, he didn’t need the oxygen tank anymore. After two weeks, the nausea was not so strong and his appetite was improved. He even gained some weight and recovered his strength. He left the hospice and continued to take cannabis oil capsules every day. He also started exercise classes. After 5 months he went to the doctor again. His wife Barb says that on January 27, 2013 they had received the results of Stan’s brain MRI through an email from his oncologist, that stated: ‘IMPRESSION: No evidence of recurrent disease.His cancer was gone. And the doctor said it was a miracle. The are all grateful to the doctor and his team, to their family and friends but it was the cannabis oil that changed the direction of his life. His brain tumor was also gone.

A lot of scientific studies have a shown that cannabinoids can cure cancer but most of them are suppressed or demonized. One study from 2015 discovered that CBD (cannabidiol, the non-psychoactive part of cannabis) can prevent the development of a lot of types of cancer including glioblastoma (GBM), prostate, colon, breast, and lung cancer.

Watch the video to hear the story in Stan’s and Barb’s words:


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