Prevent Indigestion, Acid Reflux And Bloating By Avoiding These 3 Unhealthy Habits!


We all have experienced food coma at some point and in fact, it isn’t normal to feel sleepy after every meal, whether you eat at a restaurant or at home. This problem is brought on by common eating habits that all of us consider as healthy.
The following normal eating habits may cause this problem, so try to avoid them.

1. Mixing a lot of protein and starch in one meal

Everybody likes hamburger, fries and steak, but these mixes make us drowsy and tired after the meal. The combination of starch like rice, potatoes, pasta and bread with proteins such as fish, eggs, chicken and beef can result with indigestion and reflux.

Indigestion and acid reflux happen since starches transform into simple sugars faster than proteins. The body needs more time to digest the proteins, while starch goes through the stomach and enters into the small intestine too quick. When starches are mixed with protein in the stomach, they stay in the stomach for longer. While the proteins are digesting, the starches begin to ferment. This results with unpleasant sensation in the stomach and burping.

Eat the starches before eating the protein foods or eat small quantities of starch with proteins. You can consume vegetables with starch and protein. You will not experience any digestive problems.

2. Drinking cold water during a meal

The water shouldn’t be too cold if you drink it through meal. Cold water tightens the blood vessels and decreases the body’s capability to digest the food and absorb the nutrients included in it. Cold water likewise firms the fats included in food. This will make them harder for absorbing and the organism will lose too much energy while stabilizing the temperature, instead of using this energy for food digestion. In this way you will make your body tired.

The Japanese people are drinking hot water with lemon juice or green tea before eating which helps the digestive system prepare for digestion. Avoid drinking cold water rather consume the water at space temperature. These tips are good in order to have good and smooth digestion and come from people who include them and stopped the eating coma.

3. Big amounts of water during a meal

It is rather healthy to consume a lot of water during the day, but if you consume big amounts during a meal, it will make you feel bloated. So drink little sips throughout the meal.

When the food enters the stomach, hydrochloric acid is released from the membranes of the stomach which is important for the digestion process. Hydrochloric acid is really acidic because it breaks down the large pieces of food into little nutrients. By consuming excessive water, the acid becomes diluted and it will not act properly.

Large amounts of water should be consumed before or after the meal. During the meal you need to consume only little sips of water.

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