Put A Clove Garlic In Your Mouth And Wait For Few Minutes! The Results Will Surprise You!


Garlic is considered to be one of the healthiest plants, or more precisely its strong-smelling bulb with pungent taste. This veggie has exceptional anti-bacterial properties, and besides as flavoring in cooking, it is used in herbal medicine, also, for treatment of many conditions, including atherosclerosis, common colds and kidney disease.

Our advice is to try this method:

Take a little piece of garlic and put it in your mouth, then soak with saliva and start “rolling” it in your oral cavity. You should perform this treatment for about half an hour.

The impact of this specific sucking is spectacular. Saliva along with the beneficial nutritional substances will enter into your blood and will cleanse your vessels and lymphatics. In addition to that, garlic will improve the oral cavity and gums and will prevent bleeding.

Once you finish with this treatment just spit out the garlic and brush your teeth as usual. If you notice bad smell even after brushing your teeth, in the mouth, put some parsley leaves or a coffee bean. Several sips of milk will remove the smell of garlic breath.

Why you should put garlic in your mouth?

  • Cleans the blood
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Helpful with kidney and bladder problems
  • Stimulates the appetite
  • Protects against epidemic influenza and other illness
  • Clean skin
  • It is particularly advisable for anemia patients
  • Cures chronic bronchitis

At the start, if you find it difficult to put an entire clove of garlic in your mouth, you can begin with a quarter of cloves or small pieces and gradually increase the quantity.
This recipe is exceptionally efficient and patients who have anemia should try it!

In the pharmacies, there are numerous supplements which contain iron, however our suggestion is to try some natural treatments and approaches. Begin to suck garlic on regular basis, every morning. After one month of regular use you can do laboratory test of your blood count. People who have tried it say that they were amazed by the results. Namely, one patient claims that his hemoglobin was 130 and before sucking garlic it was 90!

Another patient who had kidney issues (a kidney stone and blood in urine) and when started sucking garlic, his urine was clean, as well as his blood results.

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