Put Some Cabbage Leaves On Your Breasts And Legs And This Is What Happens Next! You’ll Be Amazed!


Cabbage leaves are like a magnet for a lot of conditions in our body. The cabbage is also really useful for the treatment of particular conditions such as thyroid gland problems, headaches and other.
As practically everything that we required are already in nature, these natural treatments are still great and often much better that developed ones. These natural medications mainly do not have any bad side effects.

Among these typical natural solutions that we have is the cabbage. Cabbages are most commonly found in plates of salad. However, did you know that there are other uses of cabbage aside from food intake?
In addition to being a significant ingredient for the preparation of various types of food, the cabbage is likewise really useful for the treatment of particular conditions such as:


If ladies experience strong pain because of breastfeeding, putting cabbage leaves in the location will surely reduce the pain. You can do this day and night.
Carefully wash the leaves with cold water then cut the stem from the center of each leaf.
Attempt placing them on your breasts, but do not cover your nipples.
Put the leaves inside your bra.
Let the leaves stay for about 20 minutes or until the leaves end up being warm. Repeat if desired.


The thyroid gland is truly vital in hormonal growth, metabolic process, and the performance of the organs in the digestion system.
In order to revive the regular function of the thyroid gland, attempt putting cabbage leaves on the throat where the gland is located (outdoors).
Then, cover the leaves with a bandage. Sleep with it in the night then remove it in the early morning.


If you have swellings in your arms or legs, attempt wrapping the location with fresh cabbage leaves. Dress it with bandage. For best results, it is recommendable to sleep with that compress.


Try putting fresh cabbage leaves in your temples and in the upper part of the head.
Then, wear some sort of a hat, cap, or anything that can hold it in place.

*** Keep in mind to seek advice from a doctor concerning health conditions.

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