Scary Facts You Did Not Know About Instant Soups!


Instant soups are rather popular nowadays. They are easy and fast to prepare and obviously, they provide us with a lot of nutrients that we hardly ever get in through other dietary sources. Nevertheless, according to specialists, instant soups are not so healthy as people think. A recent study found that instant soups contain more than one harmful ingredient that makes them a serious health threat.

Here’s what these soups contain:

Instant soups contain more than 2 gr. of sugar– consume them often, and the amount can easily accumulate and wreak havoc in your body.

A deadly mix of sugar, salt and fat
The mix of these 3 ingredients can trigger many health issues in your body and put your health at a greater risk of serious disorders.

Too much sodium
We need about 2 gr. of sodium per day, and instant soups contain 1.2 gr. of it. Add the sodium from other foods you eat every day, and you’ll end up with a far higher sodium intake than generally recommended. Sodium can easily raise your blood pressure and cause a range of cardiovascular issues.

The worst enemy to your children
A bowl of instant soup contain a great amount of sodium which can harm the fragile health of your children.

Monosodium glutamate
MSG is a dangerous substance that has been connected to brain damage and other major health issues.

Too much wheat flour
Wheat flour is a refined carb which can throw your hormones out of balance and cause so many issues.

Harms your digestion
Although many people consider them healthy, instant soups are anything but. They contain nearly no fiber which is essential for our digestion, so there’s no benefit of consuming them.

Damage your kidneys
The excess sodium in instant soups can overload your kidneys and considerably harm their function.

No protein
Protein is one of the most crucial nutrients for our health. It can be found in homemade soups, however there’s nearly none of it in instant soups.

A chemical cocktail
According to studies, instant soups contain more than 30 ingredients including 3 different kinds of sugar and 7 different kinds of salt. The chemical mix is sure to damage your health and will increase the danger of diabetes and obesity.

The main instant soup producer on the market is the Maruchan company. They claim that instant soups are healthy and are precisely what people need– a fast, practical and nutritious meal. Nevertheless, studies have revealed that the soups are not healthy at all, and we’re going to stick with science on this one.

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