Syrup Of Young Green Nuts In Honey: The Best Cure For Your Thyroid, Cell Regeneration And A Good Detoxifier!


This powerful mix establishes a physical and energy balance, increases the activity of the hormones, has an effect on all thyroid problems, helps cell regeneration and neutralize the effects of poison. The young green nuts (Juglandis Immature fructus) have a lot of vitamin C, iodine and numerous other vitamins and their syrup with honey many countries is often given to patients, ill children and anemic people.

The young green nuts mixed with honey have a positive effect in case of anemia and help cleanse the liver, stomach and blood. They are outstanding in case of thyroid problems, for diseases of the throat and respiratory tract infections, especially bronchitis, improve the immunity, help with problems caused by menopause, obesity and chronic respiratory diseases.


  • 40 young green nuts in the crust
  • 1 kg of honey


  1. Wash, dry and chop the young walnuts into quarters and put them in a jar, then put honey.
  2. When cutting, it is best to use gloves since your fingers will be black.
  3. Then, close tight and let it rest for a month in the sun. Shake occasionally.

When the nuts are put in the jar, they release their healing juice in the honey. The honey is diluted in this way and gives a dark color. Remove the nuts and the syrup is ready for you to drink. Store it in a cool, dark area.

You should take one teaspoon a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach.


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