This Man Got Cancer In His Eyes And Died Because He Did This Every Night Before Bed!


This is the story of a 40-year old man who was diagnosed with cancer in his eye. There are many scientific studies that show that the green light which comes from your mobile screen can cause the death of the retina cells in people and in that way, impact our vision.

According to experts, the blue light that comes from electronic devices such as your smartphone can accelerate the death of retinal cells and affect your vision. The man used his cell phone every night before going to bed in a dark room for a minimum of half an hour, which slowly degraded his eyesight and managed to damage his eyes beyond repair. If you’re having the same habit, stop immediately in order to protect your eyes and see clearly.

This anonymous man of only 40 years of age visited the doctor when he could not see clearly. The albumen of his eye became red because of severe injuries. He used his cell phone in a dark room every night for 30 minutes before going to bed. This harmed his eye and caused visual shortcomings and signs of eye cancer.

The doctors couldn’t do anything in this case because a replacement of the retina is very hard. Make sure you avoid using your cellphone in the dark before going to bed, so that you can protect your eyes!

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