Would You Try This? Marijuana Gum For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief!


Anyone who knows someone who suffers from fibromyalgia or who has it themselves knows how very painful and unrelenting this illness can be. The good news is, as more people become aware of this disease, more research efforts are being diverted into finding an effective treatment or remedy.

The most recent of these discoveries reveals that cannabis, also called marijuana, can alleviate the joint pain associated with fibromyalgia. While there are different techniques on how to use cannabis to treat pain, the most recent of these is via chewing gum.

Marijuana Chewing Gum To Eliminate Fibromyalgia Pain

MedChewRx is a new chewing gum made with cannabis for the treatment of chronic pain, especially fibromyalgia. The gum contains equal parts of both CBD and THC (the active components of cannabis), providing 5mg of each.

The benefit to chewing the marijuana gum instead of inhaling or eating it is that it can be digested directly in the mouth, bypassing the liver for faster relief. There are other benefits to the chewing aspect for pain patients, including:

  • Neuroprotective and neurostimulatory effect on the mind
  • Stress relief
  • Stimulation of the cardiovascular system
  • Improvement of age-related cognitive decline

Chewing marijuana gum is also more socially accepted than smoking, and allows those with fibromyalgia to get fast pain relief almost anywhere without fear of backlash from those around them.

Side Effects And Problems With Marijuana Gum

Professor John Zajicek, who runs trials for the company testing of the Fibromyalgia pain relief gum, specifies that this is not quite a home-run just yet. There have been some side effects reported so far, though it is uncertain what those are, and the medicine displays a lack of the “peak”, or a less potent high, associated with traditional forms of cannabis.

In the meantime, more research is being done into how this can be a safe, effective delivery method for cannabis for pain relief. The goal is to provide on-the-go relief for chronic pain sufferers so that they can continue to work normally during their day pain-free.

Current Marijuana Options For Pain Relief

CBD hemp oil is made from high-CBD, low-THC hemp, meaning they are non-psychoactive and won’t produce a high. It can be bought in:

  • pure CBD-hemp oil form.
  • tinctures where they are watered down in alcohol or a natural oil base and flavored for better taste.
  • capsule form.
  • CBD topicals (salves, balms, and creams).

Knowing which is right for you depends on your type of pain and what you are using CBD oil for.

It is known that as low as 3 puffs a day of marijuana help those struggling with chronic nerve pain due to injury, surgery, and disease, allowing them to sleep better and heal faster. The effectiveness of this treatment depends on the strain of cannabis and the strength. Your best choice is to speak to your physician, who can help you determine which is best for you.

Marijuana-infused edibles, including cookies, brownies, sweet, chocolate bars, drinks, snacks, and spreads, are an excellent choice for those who wish to use the drug for pain relief however do not want to smoke it. Once again, different strains will have varying strengths. One need to also understand that actually ingesting the cannabis delivers a much more potent high, so you need less of it. Most people do not need a whole brownie, or perhaps a half, to experience the effects.

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